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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Harsha Bhogle-Inspiring Personality

Not many people are aware that Harsha Bhogle(sports presenter & commentator) is a product of IIM-AHMEDABAD..
Few days back I was listening to his TALK given at IIM-A,and as I sat through and listened for about 2 hours with my earphones plugged in and my face stuck in the laptop screen,I realized that "WOW,THIS MAN IS A GENIUS".

He talked about his experience as a sports presenter,where there are no re-takes and no room for mistakes,you know that if u put a foot wrong,the world will mock at you but when it comes to recorded shows where there are re-takes,the possibility of going wrong increases.He said that while doing live shows,he rarely made mistakes but in recorded television he made millions of mistakes because he knew that mistakes will be overdone by re-takes,so the point is that-The moment that you can go wrong falls in your possibility map,the moment you think that you are allowed to make mistakes,you will actually go wrong and you will make mistakes.

Talent dazzles, but it has hardly anything to do with excellence,,its what you do with that talent matters,its attitude that matters in the long run,short term goals can be met by talent alone but for long term planning one needs to get the right combination of his attitude and talent.....

Harsha rocks(do listen to his commentary during IPL matches and see the way he analyzes the nitty gritties of cricket).Today he was talking about VIRAT KOHLI (when he was batting) as to how he sees in him the future captain of India(I knw its too early to say that but still) and how he should cement his place in test cricket also.At present dravid,tendulkar,laxman comes at no.3,4,5;so Virat can be a handy player at no.6(test matches) and later on when these 3 legends retire,he can take their place at number 3 or 4.POINT.....

“I can’t be Tendulkar but mind you Tendulkar can’t be me either.”

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