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Monday, May 9, 2011


Today I read a line"Assumptions are the termites of any relationship",immediately the discussion between me and chacha refreshed in my memory;(like chetan bhagat told in 3 mistakes that sometimes he wonders that there are separate  rooms in our mind for separate memories and thoughts, and the moment a new thought or a situation arrives,the door related opens and you can take a sneak peak of all the related memories stored in the room);he told me about a counselling in his company on COMMUNICATION related problems.
When a child is born,his/her brain has around 9000 pre-conceived notions(cry when hungry or in pain;back off on touching a hot object and things like that),as the child grows,many other notions get saved in the memory(that we called as -parvarish) and with time several ASSUMPTIONS occupies.
In our daily routine we ASSUME various things,like when we return home from work,a glass of chilled water or a cup of tea should be served,thats our assumption which we expect from our wife/mother.As we progress in life,the number of Assumptions starts increasing(depends) and a time comes when our Assumptions/Expectations are not met and then the Problem starts,we get frustrated,without thinking that whats the reason behind it,without realizing that another person may have some other priorities at that time,we only think that why in the world our assumption is not met(nobody wants to compromise on anything),at that stage we should ask ourselves"IS MY ASSUMPTION CORRECT?",the answer would be No most of the times.For instance I plan out a movie with my friend at a certain time and my friend does not show up on time,then I will scream at him for showing up late without realizing his priority at that time,caring a damn about his reasons,because I am assuming that he should be on time,so in this case my assumption is not correct because he can be late,his priority may be different at that time from mine.
In our daily routine,several such instances happens and we get frustrated because our assumptions are not met  the way we want,so every time when such things trouble you,always ask urself"IS MY ASSUMPTION CORRECT?" and try to work on that....

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