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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Love Express-Music Review [music director:Jaidev Kumar]

RATING: ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆

Jaidev kumar is best known for his numerous punjabi hits,he is making debut in bollywood by composing a complete album and all the songs have a punjabi flaour[even the first song says-dance like a punjabi].The movie is a low budget project and the promotions are limited.Expectations are very very low.

The first song dance like a punjabi(neeraj shridhar) tries really hard to be a perfect punjabi dance number but fails miserably,the music and lyrics doesnt creates the effect that punjabi songs usually does.Not a good start to the album.

Next song Rocking shocking family(simran,sumitra,kamal,ryan) brings some respite after such a dull start.Its a  perfect traditional punjabi flavour and may be heard at punjabi affairs(marriages) in the coming time,also it has a similarity with the famous Kala Sha Ka la(still a hit punjabi number).A good track.

Suddenly the album takes a completely different track with Tere bin jiya na jaye(gulshan,sumitra iyer).Undoubtedly its the best song of the album with some brilliant music and lyrics,not to forget the singer gulshan(his voice is quite similar to rahat fateh ali khan).Tere bin jiya na jaaye is a song which one can relate very easily,a must hear song.

Then comes a pure punjabi track mohe machli tum neer,its having the traditional lyrics(its a traditional old punabi song).This track is for the niche segment,the punjabi's,the lyrics are pure punjabi and its difficult for a non-punjabi to understand the lyrics.The song is made keeping in mind the punjabi family in the movie.

Then come dance like punjabi karaoke(in karaoke there is music minus the lead vocal),may be an innovative step,one hardly release karaoke versions in the movie albums.But I see no point putting a karaoke of a fast pacy song like this,its of no use as amateur singers can't try their hand on such a fast high on beat number.Useless.

Last track is a bonus track from 'kashmakash' starting with a narration from subash ghai(he is the producer of love express) and gulzaar.A gulzaar song never disappoints as it is high on the lyrics.A perfect song to end the album.Must listen for gulzaar fan's.

I don't think love express will find a good place in the directory of music listeners,foremost reason being the lack of re-known actors in the movie(except om puri) and the lack promotional efforts.


  1. sir you are supposed to put your veiws only on music not on movie as it will harm users like us who will not be able to watch the movies due to your opinon

  2. with all due respect sir,when I said that the movie will not find a good place in the directory of music listeners i meant only and only about the music and because it doesnt have big stars for the music videos it will not attract attention easily,so agressive publicity is required.

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  4. with all due respect sir,I do not claim to be a critic,there are many more profound crtitics than me in the music industry.I am just a music lover and I just express my views on the music,don't know why you said all this as crap,everyone has a different view of seeing things..



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