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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Desi Boyz Music Review

Rating: ★ ★ ★ 
Pritam Chakrobarty, Irshaad Kamil, Amitabh Bhattacharya and Kumaar- When such names are attached to a soundtrack under the head 'Music Director' and 'Lyricists', expectations of the listeners goes sky high, add to that vibrant energy onscreen by Akshay Kumar and John Abraham alongside Deepika Padukone and Chitrangada Singh, the result is Desi Boyz, which promises to be an out an out entertainer with a concept of 'Male Strippers', after the 'Gay'ism' in Dostana (2008). Coming to the combination of Akshay Kumar, John Abraham and Pritam, last time these three people joined hands, they created 'Garam Masala' (2005) which was a good soundtrack considering the time of its release, and now with the title track Make Some Noise For The Desi Boyz already making rounds on the television, one expects it to be another 'Hot' and 'Sizzling' outing. Well, let's check out the 5 originals with 1 Reprise and 4 remix.

Krishnakumar Kunnath (K.K) has been a hot favourite for Pritam when it comes to soft romantic numbers, but this time he allows him to make some noise in the first (and the best of the lot) track, Make Some Noise For The Desi Boyz alongside Bob- The Rapper. Tighten your seat belt and take a ride of this catchy, lively, peppy track which sees some spirited singing by K.K., who proves once again that his voice suits all the genres, be it 'Tadap Tadap Ke' (Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam) or the beautiful 'Guzaarish Hai Ye Jo Baarish Hai' (Guzaarish). It's a perfect start for a young soundtrack like this and defines the overall theme of the movie with some racy and urban lyrics written by Kumaar (take special notice to the reference of 'Lady Gaga'). The 2nd (2.15 to 2.42) interlude with some electrifying guitar strums deserves an applaud and the antara afterwards just provides an immaculate end to this 4 minute entertaining number. Rollicking Start indeed!
To take things to next level, there is Make Some Noise For The Desi Boyz Remix which starts with English Raps and thumping beats. Apart from the English Rap, the song has nothing to cheer for as the original had enough pace and beats to make one tap their feet. Still a good remix that could gain popularity in discotheques and clubs in the coming days, although I would still go for the original composition.

Mika Singh and Shefali Alvaris- as these two hugely diversified artists join in, one is curious to know how the 2nd track Subha Hone Na De is been treated but the end result is not that satisfactory as expected from the combination of Pritam and Mika, who have numerous hits to their name. It starts with mediocre keyboard arrangements trying to give a club like feel with Mika Sing crooning in not-so-Mika tone alongside auto tuned voice of Shefali Alvaris. Unlike Pritam other instant-striking compositions, this one takes some time to settle down and should be promoted well considering the situational tag attached to it. Kumaar does an average job as a writer especially if compared to the title song. Post it's video release, it may attract some ears but I doubt whether it will enjoy a long shelf life.
The song returns back at the end as Tu Mera Hero with the same singers behind the mike and one wonders if at all that was required, the lyrics, music arrangements doesn't change a bit. Looks like Pritam was too confident about the composition but sadly he fails to deliver this time by providing a version which has nothing new in it and seems unnecessary. Disappointing!
Subha Hone De Remix starts with some 'Beep' English Rap followed by a usual remix prototype. Wonder how the song would have sounded if the tempo has been increased a bit in this version. All in all, the remix brings on some respite with good variations in the interludes. Go for it!

Remember 'Chor Bazari' from Love Aaj Kal; hear Jhak Maar Ke by Pritam's find Neeraj Shridhar and 'Ting Ling Ling Ling' (Rockstar) women Harshdeep Kaur. The start gives a heard before feeling of some song of Pritam but nevertheless it has high repeat value and will find a good place in the list of 'Roothna-Manana' songs. Irshaad Kamil lyrics provide a perfect tadka to this Punjabi outing. Harshdeep Kaur voice is fresh and is immaculate for the Punjabi genre. The video with John Abraham alongside his fiancĂ©e (in the movie) Deepika Padukone has already gained lots of eyes and will fit in well during the first half of the movie.
Not surprisingly the song has a Jhak Maar Ke Remix where the pace and tempo increases with added bhangra beats. Pritam brings a change as he brings on Harshdeep Kaur for both the 'Antaras' compared to a single one in the original, also the lyrics are complete different in the first 'Antara' which adds that extra zing and variety, as a result the Remix emerges as a winner!

"I enjoy singing in Akshay Kumar's voice the most"- Sonu Nigam.
Well, Sonu Nigam fans will go bizarre after hearing Allah Maaf Kare where he is accompanied by Shilpa Rao who had sadly nothing to do at all (merely 2 lines). Sonu Nigam is heard in his trademark high pitched voice after his 54 voices feat in the title song of Tees Maar Khan last year. Any other day and the composition would have been grabbed by Himesh Reshammiya by both hands, although many would call it a mere sequel to 'Razia Gundo Me Phas Gayi' from No Problem but keeping aside all comparisons and views, it will strike an instant chord especially among the Sonu Nigam fans. Irshaad Kamil lyrics are simple and enjoyable.
Allah Maaf Kare Remix wasn't required and adds a tail to the overdose of remixes.
"Kaano ko kheech ke 2 laga de na,
Na-Samajh ko zara samjha de na,
Itna to Haqq banta hai mujhe ek chance to de de Zindagi."

The musical arrangements at the start of the next and last track, Let It Be are a perfect replica of Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy's ''Loser'' from Housefull (2010) and as Shaan starts crooning in his usual soft-love tone, memories of his recent outing in 'I Love You- Unplugged' from Bodyguard flashes. The USP of the composition comes in form of some attention-seeking lyrics written by immensely talented Amitabh Bhattacharya who is known more for some bold lyrics in Delhi Belly and No One Killed Jessica. It's a trademark Pritam composition, rich in melody which will fit in well along the narration of the movie.

This is turning out to be one real good year when it comes to romantic/melodically rich music being churned out in Bollywood. Pritam does a fair job for Desi Boyz where the focus has been more on the situational numbers rather than opting for fun entertaining numbers except the title song which will gain more and more popularity as the time progresses, although there is no jaw-dropping moment in any of the 5 original compositions. After Mausam, expectations from Pritam were enormous and Desi Boyz just didn't fulfil those. It's a not a kind of soundtrack that will be remembered for months to come, it will only find its place in the music devices of the listeners till the movie hits the Big Screen. Still one could lay their hands on this if the Rockstar addiction has faded!
I rate it 3 out of 5

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