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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Ghanchakkar Music Review

Rating: ★ ★  

If Amit Trivedi (Music Director) and Amitabh Bhattacharya aka AB (Lyricist) join hands for a project named "Ghanchakkar", the listeners are sure of some funny situational tunes that does justice to the theme of the movie and fits in well in the scenarios. One always associate Amit Trivedi with situational stuffy compositions that takes a few hearings to grow, with a genre of comedy this time for 'Ghanchakkar' it will be really interesting to see as to how well the director RajKumar Gupta uses him. As expected, with only five original (mad) tunes and one ordinary remix, let's see if Amit stands up to his own benchmark!

The proceedings start off with Richa Sharma's "Lazy Lad”, a fun peppy number where the mandolin has been used in an innovative manner. The song introduces the lead protagonist (Emraan Hashmi) in a female voice by a probable Vidya Balan who describes his husband as a lazy guy who sits in front of his television and does nothing. Richa Sharma vocals keep in sync with AB situational lyrics that will be a fun watch on screen. Wonder if the chorus voice is supported by Amit Trivedi as he has been credited in the vocals but the whole composition is female dominated and no Amit Trivedi is heard here. Coming to the song, a hard core situational start that Amit is known for which will be worth watching on screen and makes up for a good hear!

The second track "Allah Meherbaan”, a catchy innovative Qawwali number that rides high on AB's clever writing and honestly Amit Trivedi sounds completely different in this one. The song has a certain catchy rhythm to it that creates an instant likeness for it and like in the previous song, this time also Divya Kumar has been credited but we can't hear her voice at all during the whole four minutes. The song may be used as a background score at various intervals or at a crucial juncture where the 'Heist' takes place. Worth a hear!

The title track.."Ghanchakkar Babu" has been making the rounds since past few days and it straight away lands into the so-called 'Amit Trivedi Territory' with the opulent use of Saxophone/Trumpet from the very start. The arrangements are pretentious, especially the interludes which is what one expects out of Amit Trivedi. The lyrics by AB are hilarious and will make you rolling on floors laughing like mad; he is such an eminent talent that his work takes the composition to even new heights. Amit Trivedi again comes behind the mike and there is such vast difference in his renditions if compared to 'Allah Meherbaan' that makes one thinks if it's the same voice. All in All, a number that will be a 'Hit' and that defines perfectly the character of Emraan Hashmi and the theme of the movie. There is also "Ghanchakkar Babu (Remix)" with added beats that is so 'Non-Amit-Trivedi', the second interlude although has some prolific arrangements but overall an ordinary remix.

Here comes the surprise element.."Jholu Ram" which marks the comeback of Altaf Raja ('Tum Toh Thehre Pardesi' fame). Honestly as soon as his (Altaf Raja) name appeared on the credentials I was craving for some innovative arrangements and renditions, but the song completely belongs to AB's cleverly written lyrics and the Hinglish shayari’s in between that reminds of the 'Pardesi' days. Again a situational funny number that will certainly be in the limelight and will be promoted as a comeback song of Altaf Raja. 

To conclude, the whole soundtrack is composed keeping in mind the theme of the movie and every song has a situational tag attached to it, from the movie's perspective it would work pretty well but considering the value of the audio alone, it would only work alongside the video and that largely depends on the success of the movie at the box office. Still, 'Allah Meherbaan' and 'Ghanchakkar Babu' will get appreciation for its innovation where AB certainly deserves a pat on his back..With 'Lootera' and 'Raanjhanaa' already released, I doubt that 'Ghanchakkar' will get many listeners! 

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