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Sunday, October 2, 2016

M.S.Dhoni:The Untold Story: My View Point!

There is a scene in the movie when M.S.Dhoni (played exceptionally by Sushant Singh Rajput) is being informed by his friends about his selection in the Indian Team whilst he was in the midst of a Badminton match and asked them to let him finish the rally first and didn’t reacted to this Big Good news until the point was over, this short scene had many layers beneath it, the dedication (badminton here), the humbleness, the simplicity. The same personality can be seen when his friend comes to meet him at the hotel after he is the captain of Indian Cricket Team and mocks him that today also he is acting to be talking on the phone just to make a fool out of him reminding him of a instance of his TTE days, its impeccable to see how calmly and patiently Dhoni handles that moment without getting this to his ego and agree to his friends remark and then when he talks about the way that girl was dressed who helped him to reach the room, he says: 'Haa Hum Dekhte Hai, Karte Hai Kuch Bhaiya'. 

Neeraj Pandey (Direction, Story, Screenplay) has a certain trademark style where he invests patiently in long scenes and let the heavy background music and character speaks instead of mushy dialogues. For instance, just before interval we see MSD frustrated with his TTE job while he sits on a platform amidst the rain, suddenly a train comes, it stops, a door opens and then he can hear the "Dhoni.. Dhoni.. Dhoni.." chant in his mind and then the train starts to depart, he thinks for 5 seconds, then rush to the train and enters that door. This was a very powerful scene where he chooses his gut feeling at that time while quitting the TTE job, he identified the door of opportunity and before it was too late, he grabbed that it with both hands. That's what happens in real life also, Luck as defined by Mr.Harsha Bhogle is nothing but preparation and recognition (of opportunity).

Preparation: The movie depicts the school life of Dhoni where its commendable to see how he manages his three hours exam in two and half hours and rush to the railway station, board a train and then play the tournament, this is what it takes to be successful, this is the amount of hard work and dedication required for someone to achieve big in life. 

Cricket is not just a sport but it’s a Religion in our country, it was highly emotional to relive the 2011 world cup victory in the climax, no one can forget the contribution of Maahi in that match, his instinct as soon as he sees Muttiah Murlidharan at the bowling end, his brave decision to come up before Yuvraj at such big moment which could have gone anywhere, he seized that moment with his performance, raised his game when it was needed to and that is the quality of a great sportsman who is well prepared physically and mentally, identifies the right opportunity and hits the ball out of the ground! Feel lucky to be born in an era where a Helicopter shot was invented!


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