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Monday, August 7, 2023

Gadar 2- Movie-My synopsis pre-release

There is some nice buzz around #gadar2 that a storm is waiting to explode at the box-office on the shoulders of #patriotrism #antipakistan #independenceday and a long weekend.

Considering the high-volume patriotic drama that it promises to offer, it is possible that Gadar2:The Katha Continues will do as well — maybe even better — than the original aiming at the single screens and #sunnydeol #paisavasool lines like 2 decades before. But the India in which the latter was released is very different from the India of today.

 Back then, it was possible for #Gadar, to bask in the success of loud #jingoism and #nationalistic packaging and its core, a love story in which a man is willing to leave behind his #mitti and #mazhab to be with the woman he loves.. but now the young “Gen-Z” wants a sensible cinema, they want something out of the box, something creative with brush of strokes that are artistically planned and executed practically. 

2023 will not accept #sunnydeol uprooting the handpump in an outburst, too clich├ęd considering the era of cinema we live in. The Director #AnilSharma sense of cinema is outdated now to say the least, I read him quoting "When people asked me how can it be possible, I told them, 'When Lakshman needed sanjeevani (herb) in Ramayan, Hanuman picked up the entire mountain.' Tara Singh may not be Hanuman but he can uproot a hand pump. We believe (in Hanuman's deeds) as we are emotionally involved. It (the scene) was a creative liberty we took, and every person sitting in the theatre watching Gadar Ek Prem Katha related with the emotions and clapped for the sequence. Many intellectuals do not understand this as they believe in working on logic alone.

Lets have a look at his chronology as a Director- "Gadar: Ek Prem Katha (superhit-2001),  the Hero: Love Story of a Spy-flop (2003), Ab Tumhare Hawale Watan Saathiyo (flop- 2004), Apne(average-2007), Veer (terrible-2010), Singh Saab the Great ( average-2013), Genius (terrible-2018) and now #Gadar2 in 2023- It would completely be a Sunny Deol vehicle that a section of the audience will enjoy. The clap worthy dialogue, the raw appeal, the undercurrent of emotions and of course, the dhaai kilo ka haath should appeal to those who relish desi fares, especially the single screen audience’s.. 

The soundtrack is below average something we don’t expect from the stature of someone like #Mithoon, the lyrics are way too normal like we use in our day-to-day conversations.. only #Khairiyat to some extent sounds bearable.. Re-creation of #mainniklagaddileke and #uddjakaalekaava is sure to get the limelight consider the icon tag attached to both the songs, special mention to #uddjakaalekaava ( climax version ) which is sure to get lots of whistles, hootings and goosebumps once it is being played on the big screen..

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