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Saturday, August 12, 2023

OMG 2- movie - My View Point !!

There is a thought provoking scene in the movie where Akshay Kumar ( playing Lord Shiva) tells Pankaj Tripathi pointing towards a mother feeding her baby on a railway station- he says “ What do you see there, ek ‘Nirvastra Maa’ ya ek ‘bhookha bachcha’.. ‘ Har wo kaam jo chupa ke kiya jaaye Galat Nahi hota’..Writer and Director Amit Rai makes it abundantly clear that he’s going to let his characters talk in a manner that is understandable to everyone leave apart anything subtle or nuanced.

I went into the movie with all sorts of doubt, previous OMG happened in 2012 and India today of 2023 is vastly different, also It took me a while to accept where the movie was heading to the fact that this was a film which was taking up such Bold issues and start a movement which seldom any mainstream commercial cinema has attempted till date– talking up the vital importance of sex education amongst school-going children, and even more importantly, taking the shame away from such discussions, so seriously that it would get into severely explanatory mode with all the audacity and break the shackles between between the 2 generations of parents and teenager’s. 
Pankaj Tripathi as Kanti is the show stealer with his innocence and knocks it out of the park every time he is on the screen. Akhsay Kumar isn't the highlight but is brilliant in his portrayal and appears here and there to give directions to his bhakt - " Rakh Vishwas, Tu Hai Shiv Ka Das ". Yami Gautam is menacing as a shark in the courtroom and her character is portrayed in a way that you connect with the points she puts forth by nodding your head while maintaining an equal balance between both the sides and never going over the top.

India is highly populated, which means that people are partaking in intercourse irrespective of their religious beliefs. However, when it comes to talking about every aspect of it in an educational way, it is treated as something taboo. There is one scene where Kanti puts forth that when it comes to name the reproductive organs of male/female's we tend to hide the actual name and use instead 'Nunni', 'Punni', 'Shame Shame' .. it makes one question themselves ..Why? 

I know there is a part of our population who would thrash the movie for being so Direct and Bold on things we shy away to discuss in our families and it's ironic and pains my heart that the film is granted an A certificate when the crackling film must be a necessary watch for kids and teenagers which questions the lack of faith ignorant adults repose in our young people as they explore the mysteries of their bodies with natural curiosity and frankness. It's an eye opener and the need of the hour for the nation with the audacity with which it deals such a sensitive subject which no other mainstream director would even dare to think of.

Go and Watch this brave attempt which puts a question mark on our so-called society stigma and norms of being silent on such issues, although the movie feels disjointed and a bit too stretched towards the climax and the courtroom scenes sometimes fall flat with the pauses between dialogues being far too long. But all said and done this has the power to start a movement on 'Sex Education' if not today then certainly few years down the lane.

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