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Friday, April 22, 2011

An evening at CCD(another memory to cherish)

So,By the time I am into writing, Mumbai Indians have defeated Chennai by 8 runs,Thanks to
Rohit sharma(87 off jus 48 balls wid 5 sixes) and then some brilliant fielding by Pollard (Is he Human or what?),what a stunning catch he took of hussey and then saved around 10 runs in the field.
So,today I came back early in the evening and then we went on to meet suyash and sardar(robby),we went to ccd and the memories of that day refreshed in my mind(when me,ankit and suyash bargained in ccd at 12 in the n8-that was fun),so today was another day,me and narang had some Kapi Nirvana(yuck-was it coffee or some chilled water with an essence of coffee) and suyash had something containg lemon,sardar had some litchi sort of thing(dnt hav any idea what the fuck was the name of both).By the time we finished it was 10:15,sardar had to board his train around 11,so now the fight began(nobody volunteered) as to who will pay the bill(it happens only and only when we come to this ccd).At the end Me,Narang and sardar moved out and suyash was left all alone with his credit card and after 5 mins he came running down to the parking and said"dude,dey don't accept cards",We said"Alr8 den,Fuck dem".We sat in the car and broooooooommmmmmmm..It was bad,we shouldnt have done this(poor lad with the specs).


  1. well if u feel so sad then next time go and pay the lad with specs :p

  2. Too bad ...hmmmmmm mitti, Ankit, Robby, and the 4th idiot to join them ... ! poor chap wid specs...! my full sympathy wid him .. sudhar jao badmashon....!

  3. anki..hum nai sudhar sakte..u knw that



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