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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Will smith is in my Top 5 Favorite Actors list and has been ever since I saw “i am the legend.”
This movie was hard to watch.
What I thought really added to the overall depressing and hopeless feel of the movie was the colors the director chose to use throughout the film. The suits the people wore, the brightness of the lights, the colors of the walls, they were all very boring and dull and monotone, and I really liked that. It really served as a great lens to see the movie through. A great scene to me was when Will’s character was told that he had to paint his apartment walls white to prolong paying his rent, because I thought it was a great metaphor for what kind of bright and pure person Chris Gardner was where ever he went. From his wife leaving, to him being thrown out on the street, to sleeping in a bathroom, to being hit by a car, to going all over town to sell overpriced scanning equipment and getting rejected left and right, through all of that, he had this huge smile on his face. He always said, “It’s going to be alright.”
One of the most touching and haunting scenes in the entire movie is when Will and his son have to spend the night in the subway bathroom, and before they get there, Will pretends with his son that they have been transported through time to when the dinosaurs existed. I loved watching them play this scene out, and I loved Jaden’s reactions, where at first he didn’t believe because all he saw was a subway station, but because of his Dad’s belief, his Dad’s enthusiasm, his Dad’s passion, his Dad’s excitement, he came to believe that they were truly in a land with dinosaurs. That was such a high moment in the film that was soon followed by probably the most low point in the film when they are sleeping in the men’s bathroom and Will was holding the door closed with his foot while tears streamed down his face. I about lost it at that scene.
The last 10 minutes of the movie are some of the most emotional minutes in the entire film. The only thing that I was a little bothered by was that there wasn’t enough time to celebrate. The entire movie built up to this point, this critical point where we find out that he got the job he worked SO hard for, and we as the audience were only given about 8 minutes to celebrate with Will and Jaden. I wanted more. I wanted to cry more, and I wanted to see more of Will’s emotions, to see the explosion of joy that was sure to come over him.
This is definitely a movie that I want to have to remind me that if I am passionate about something, I need to give everything I have in order to pursue it.

It’s going to be alright.”


  1. it is a good movie , watch seven pounds also , but a little depressing movie

  2. I have watched seven pounds,it was gud but nt as gud as pursuit of happyness..dis was a masterpiece



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