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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Music Review-Delhi Belly(2011)

Rating: ★ ★ ★ 1/2

Finally the much awaited music album of 2011 has been released.An Aamir Khan production always live upto the expectations be it the actors,movie, or music. Surprisingly this time Aamir has choosen Ram Sampath(who is known for his background scores) to produce tunes for his movie unlike his previous ventures where he used the service of legends like A.R.Rehmaan(Lagaan) and Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy(Taare Zameen Par).But Aamir is known for his experimentations,so lets see what Delhi Belly has to offer apart from already-a-superhit Bhaag Bhaag Dk bose.The album boasts of 10 tracks,with 8 originals and 2 remixes.Lyrics are by Amitabh Bhattacharya.Most of the songs are situational and needs some hearings to grow.

The 1st track Bhaag Bhaag DK Bose doesn't needs words to describe as its already become a super-hit due to its unusual lyrics and the funny promotional video being aired everywhere.Ram Sampath himself has sung the song and he is simply brilliant behind the mike.A song that will be remembered for a long long time and will become more and more popular once the movie releases.(it will be mostly used as a background score in the whole movie.)

Next comes a big surpise in Nakkadwale Disco Udhaarwaale Khisko by Keerthi Sagathia.The song starts with guitar and tabla dhun's in a western style,and a Qawwali in a never-seen-before style.Its a kind of song which would'nt strike instantly unlike bhaag dk bose,it will work well with the video and will grow with multiple hearings.Good innovative track.

Saigal Blues ,the next track sung by Chetan Shashital is an extraordinary one,it brings together the Great K.L.Saigal's style with a brilliant rock touch to it.The way it started,it made me check my I pod whether it has been shuffled and some track of 1940's has been played,but it said Saigal Blues.Hearing it made me wonder as to how funny the picturisation of the song would be in the movie.Great thinking by Aamir and Ram Sampath  to include such type of song in a movie.

The 4th track,Bedardi Raja crooned by Sona Mohapatra is the only item number in the movie.The lyrics are on the tracks of Beedi Jalaile(Omkara) at places and also the song has a touch similarity to Mehngayi Daayan(Peepli Live) solely on the music front.A good track which comes back as Bedardi Raja(Grind mix),and to be honest,the remix is done brilliantly by not trying to increase the pace and tempo of the song,but only adding few extra beats to give a raw-rock feel to it.

Here comes,Jaa Chudail by Suraj Jagan,the lyrics and the Raw feeling makes the song an interesting one,however the way Suraj Jagan has sung it made me remember Zehreeley(Rock on).The song is a pure fun number.Phool Wool kuch nahi,Sadah huya Aaloo hai tu..Hoor nahi,Pari nahi,Jangli Ek Bhaalo hai tu..Amitabh Bhattacharya is rocking with his pen.

The only romantic love song in the album,Tere Siva,by Ram Sampath & Tarannum Malik,made me wonder that how good Ram Sampath is as a singer also.Lovely composition,not the usual Pritam genre track.

Next comes a fast-pacy-dance number,Switty Tera Pyar Chaida,for which Keerthi Sagathia comes behind the mike again.Nothing extraordinary in the song,its a pure punjabi-style track with added dhol beats.The song reminds me genre of Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy.An Ordinary composition which comes again as Switty(Punk) for which Ram Sampath joins Keerti,the Punk version has added rock beats which tried hard to be a Rock-Punjabi fusion,but even this doesn't made me tap my foot.Only the lyrics is a Plus in both the versions.

Save the best for the last,thats what Ram Sampath is all about,I hate you(like I love you) by Keerthi Sagathia,Sona Mohapatra & Shazneen Arethna is certainly the Best track of the Album(after Bhaag DK Bose).A song close to 6 minutes,that starts as a Qawwali,suddenly changes tracks and we hear Aamir Khan voice,Dil todu Haddi bhi,Kung-fu Khelu Kabbadi bhi..and the same qawwali is put up in a completely different peppy-catchy-cheerleader tune.The music of the song has been intentionally made such that it resembles the golden era of 1990's.The song has everything a chartbuster needs to have.Brilliant song that surpises after each passing minute,a song that will be popular once the video releases.
Jo Chauka Udte Huye Jaye,Use CHAKKA Kehte hain.

The expectations were high after the huge success of Bhaag Dk Bose,but the album is more on the situational front and will be enjoyed more with the videos rather than audio in isolation.Ram Sampath provides an innovative album with some never-heard before tunes with good support from Amitabh Bhattacharya.Do listen to it if you wanna hear something creative and different.

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