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Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Rating: ★ ★ 1/2
"Rush" is a kind of soundtrack where you don't expect any extraordinary stuff both from the movie and the Ost, sole reason being the low promotion activity and moreover only fifteen (15) days remaining before the movie hits the silver screen, which leaves very few days for the soundtrack to become popular. Pritam Chakraborty, fresh from the success of Oscar Nominated 'Barfi' and commercially acclaimed 'Cocktail' goes all safe for this one without experimenting a bit with six originals and one reprise version, let's see if one has to Rush through the soundtrack or is there some appreciable stuff ?

A heard before melody starts off the soundtrack with "Chup Chup Ke (Film Version)" where Ash King leads the vocals with chorus support from Rizwan-Muazzam qawwali group (Rizwan Ali Khan and Muazzam Beg) for the signature line. The arrangements at the start reminds of 'Abhi Kuch Dino Se' (Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji) and a bit of 'I Love You' (Bodyguard) but as the song progresses, sufiana vocals and arrangements takes over, resulting in a fusion of Western and Sufi/Qawwali. The latter part of the song belongs to Rizwan-Muazzam where the sargams could have been extended a bit more, and much more variety could have been brought into the song; nevertheless a good start as expected, where the song would enjoy a short stint in the top ten.
Shaan replaces Ash King and we have "Chup Chup Ke" which offers nothing new except the change in the vocals. Comparing both the singers would be unfair and honestly, both the versions are easy-on-ears where Shaan's voice has a very slight edge over Ash King in terms of dictions and charm.

Hip-Hop beats, catchy music, Punjabi lyrics, a rap here and there...”Fukra" by Jazzy B and Hard Kaur is one of those foot-tapping songs that are instantly catchy but fizz out with repeated hearings. Rightly so, this Kumaar written song lasts only for around 2:30 minutes and is composed just for the sake of promotions. An average number all-in-all that may attract some attention till the movie releases. 

Pritam's dark horse Anupam Amod ('Saude Baaji'-Aakrosh; 'Thoda Sa Pyar'-Kuch Luv Jaisa; 'Rab Ka Shukrana'-Jannat 2) joins with Tulsi Kumar for "Mumkin Nahin". A predictable Tulsi Kumar starts off and one wonders if Pritam got influenced by Himesh Reshammiya or what?..As the song progresses things changes for good when one hears the soulful voice of Anupam Amod and from there on, it's one of those Pritam compositions that could have easily be added in any of the Emraan Hashmi previous outings. Although the song has a very pleasant and soothing template attached to it with lyrics by Kumaar that one can easily associate with, moreover the guitar in the background and the arrangements in the second interlude are worth noticing. Nothing very special, but still a good hear if not brilliant!

Pritam makes his presence felt with the next and the best of the lot...”O Re Khuda" where lyrics (Sayeed Quadri) makes it a clear winner and are the highlight of the composition apart from Javed Bashir classical renditions. After a long time, one hears Adnan Sami here and seems to be the perfect choice where he brings on his style and charisma to the song with some fantastic acoustic guitar in between. Javed Bashir narrates the story of the heart break in the second antara and the repeated O Re Khuda, Ye Tune Kya Kiya, Ghum De Diya makes it even better. A Must Hear! Here is an extract: 

Meri Zindagi Ka Khushnuma Sa Mausam Tum Ho..
Meri Tishnagi Ka Manchala Sa Saawan Tum..
Kab Se Mujhe Tamanna Hai Tumko Paane Ki..
Ab Chodd Bhi Do Mujhko Aazmaana Tum..
Mere Raaste Mein Baadlon Ka Aana Tum Ho..
Meri Dhoop Me Ho Baarisho Ka Aana Tum..
                                                                        -Sayeed Quadri.

"Rab Ka Junoon" is filled with high bass and electric guitar riffs that makes it too innovative and is hard to bear with the headphones. Inderpreet Singh has nothing much to do in this musically dominated rock track where the interlude does offer some good riffs but still that is too loud and not that we are used to. Skip!

The last track "Hote Hote" is another average sounding composition with Ash King and Hard Kaur behind the mike. Hard Kaur has become predictable and boring with her rap sessions, the English rendition by Ash King seems to be forceful in the antara’s. The hook alaap has nothing special in it to make it a memorable one; the lyrics don't even deserve a mention here. Skip again! A below average effort from Pritam which ends the soundtrack on a negative note.

To conclude, there weren't many high expectations from the music of "Rush" and so there is only one standout number in the form of 'O Re Khuda' with two good numbers 'Chup Chup Ke' and 'Mumkin Nahi'.  The songs are predictable and even Emraan Hashmi presence wouldn't make it any better. Die-Hard Pritam fans would love the soundtrack but that too for a short period of time as none of the songs will enjoy any shelf life. Not the usual Pritam this time!
I rate it 2.5 out of 5.0

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