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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Student Of The Year Music Review

Rating: ★ ★ 
When a movie has the name of THE Karan Johar (KJo) for the director seat, stakes are high in all aspects.. "Student Of The Year" with brands like 'Red Chillies Entertainment' and 'Dharma Productions' bears lots of expectations and keeping in sync with the 'Youth' element, the composer duo of Vishal-Shekhar have been roped in, which even sky shoots the curiosity of the listeners. With 6 originals, one surprise 'Mashup', let's enter what promises to be one of the most youthful rides in recent times!

Benny Dayal dictions seems to be the perfect choice for a legendary song like "Disco Deewane" and it's even terrific to hear Nazia Hussain's voice being retained for the signature tune, which still sounds sparklingly young. V-S brings on their own style instead of a rehash version; it starts with English vocals by Vishal Dadlani which sets the stage for an adrenaline pumping-thumping stuff where the choreography by Remo D'Souza is top notch and makes up for a terrific watch on screen, probably a pre-climax sequence. The interludes are heavily arranged with lots of variety, joining Benny Dayal is Sunidhi Chauhan who had very less to do as Nazia's voice dominates the female part mostly. Notice how charmingly and stylishly Benny sings the hook line 'Disco Deewane..Aahaa..Aaahaa' in later part of the song..Good Lord..Magical! The ending with the theme of 'Ishq Wala Love' might make sense on screen but seems forceful in the audio; nevertheless, it's a perfect club number which will stay in the 'Hit' list for at least a month if not more.

Pleasant acoustic guitar starts off "Ishq Wala Love" which lands in one of those territories of KJo's which needs four to five hearings until it gets to your head. Shekhar Ravjiani is majestic as always and his combination with Salim Merchant is bound to leave the listeners in trance, leave alone the dynamic alaap portions by him (Shekhar). The tabla and guitar throughout melts your heart and the whispering voice of Neeti Mohan is absorbing and breathtaking right from the first note. V-S regular Anvita Dutt Guptan strikes gold in the lyrics department where she describes beautifully the feeling of being in love, when was the last time you hear thing like:
'Ishq Wala Love..Meri Neendi Jaisa Pehli Baar Tooti Hai, 
Aankhen Mal Ke Maine Dekhi Hai Subah..
Jaake Badalo Ki Jaali Ke Peeche Se, 
Kare Chandni Mujhko Ittala '

The name of Shahid Mallya develops excitement but alas! "Kukkad" is just another Hip-Hop Punjabi number with energetic beats, some English Chorus here and there by Nisha Mascarenhas and Marianne D'Cruz as a result it has nothing new as far as the brand of V-S is concerned. It may work with the video and may gain some popularity among the Punjabi Munda's due to the fun quotient attached but I doubt about the Shelf life and the repeat value, which will be restricted to the movie's run on the silver screen. Average!

"Radha" starts shockingly with some semi-classical notes but 40 seconds into the song and KJo straightaway makes his presence felt with a song that is Desi at heart, groovy enough for dance floors and addictive enough to be a rage in no time. What makes the song a winner apart from the fabulous singing by Shreya Ghoshal is the perfect fusion of Western and Desi arrangements and also the overall theme on which the song is based, thumps to Anvita Dutt Guptan for the lyrics. Vishal Dadlani and Shekhar Ravjiani throw themselves in for the signature chorus part and there you go- A Chartbuster in the making! And yes, it's easy for one to guess that Shahrukh Khan arrives at 4.50 where Udit Narayan does a small cameo which raises the bar an inch more. Forget 'Desi Girl' (Dostana), 'Radha' is here to rock!

A situational track based on the college life about mugging up, "Ratta Maar" rides high on lyrics and almost goes unplugged most of the time with just guitar strumming and soft beats. Starts off pretty well with Vishal Dadlani and Shefali Alvarez (thank God without the auto-tuned effect) but doesn't manages to go that far as expected. It tries to pick up some pace at the end but to no avail, should work pretty well along the movie's narration and hardly has anything that is memorable.

Shekhar Ravjiani and Vishal Dadlani comes behind the mike for the fun number "Vele",  an introductory song for the Male leads which has the power to create havoc among the party animals. It has a catchy tune with a Punjabi Tadka and lyrics that demands attention. Notice the ultimate control Shekhar has over his voice during the high pitch and what versatility from his mushy romantic numbers, certainly he is ready to break the shackles after 'Raftaarein' (Ra.One). Vishal Dadlani does a good rap portion in the second interlude, all in all a number that will instantly connect with the youth. Remix is what one craves for. Go for it!

 Last to arrive is a surprise remix and the first of its kind to find a place in a Bollywood soundtrack.."Mashup of the Year" by Kiran Kamath. Instead of several remixes, one hears all the songs interwoven with each other in a single remix.  A stormy end to the soundtrack, don't dare miss the Mashup!
Vishal-Shekhar provides a soundtrack that is peppy and energetic along with some situational tracks. What more a director like KJo needs for his movie which marks his return to the commercial cinema and which he claims as his 'Holiday Movie'. 'Disco Deewane' and 'Vele' will ride high on popularity as the movie reaches its release and 'Ishq Wala Love' will certainly find a special place in the top ten! Worth your time and money!
 I rate it 3.0 on 5.0

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