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Friday, April 12, 2013

Aashiqui 2 Music Review

Rating: ★ ★ ★ 

A sequel from the 'Bhatt' camp that is known of producing quality soundtracks almost every time and that too of a musical extravaganza like 'Aashiqui' (1990) that boasted of super hit materials and considered one of the best soundtracks till date, develops humongous expectations. "Aashiqui 2" comes with lots and lots of expectations on the musical front with the title track 'Tum Hi Ho' already being a hit, shockingly, three composers are roped in which makes the things a bit complex going by the past history of soundtracks where more than one composer has been hired for a single soundtrack. Nevertheless, Mithoon, Jeet Ganguly and Ankit Tiwari compose a total of eleven tracks together including a female reprise and a love theme. Well, with composers those are renowned for this genre (love and pain); let's check out if the soundtrack lives up to the hype!

Mithoon (composer and lyricist) starts off the proceedings with a chart scorcher "Tum Hi Ho", a trademark territory of the composer with minimum use of orchestra and the focus being on mostly on the vocals with some apt lyrics ( remember 'Phir Mohabbat Karne Laga Hai Tu' from Murder 2 ). Almost unplugged for the first minute, Arijit Singh wins your heart with his painful voice and one can't resist putting the song on repeat mode. Later on, Palak Muchhal joins in Arijit Singh for "Meri Aashiqui", a more of a reprise version of the original with some added lyrics and variety by Palak Muchhal whose voice straightaway touches your heart. Don't miss out, both the versions!

"Sunn Raha Hai" tries to do sort of what A.R.Rahman did to 'Rockstar', barring the comparison; fresh talent Ankit Tiwari (composer and singer) does a commendable job right from the first note. The track although provides nothing much creative apart from some electric guitar riffs in the interludes, the lyrics are good but still nothing what we call as incredible. The climax where the chorus joins in gives a feel of live performance and does well in portraying a man who feels the pain of being in love. Nevertheless, the composition is worth a hear and will be a hit no doubt as the promo's claim it to be the 'Love Anthem' of 2013! A female reprise version with Shreya Ghoshal, "Sunn Raha Hai" is a treat for the listener’s courtesy incredible work by Shreya and some beautiful arrangements. The flute renditions are pretentious (especially the interlude and towards the end) with a peaceful sitar that craves the listeners for more. Notice how eminently the composer uses flute and sitar simultaneously during the hook line 'Sun Raha Ha Na Tu, Ro Rahi Hu Main'. Keep this on 'Repeat' mode!

Jeet Ganguly dominates the soundtrack from here onwards, "Chahun Main Ya Naa" is a sweet love song with simple lyrics by Irshad Kamil where Arijit Singh once again shines with his polished vocals (who changes his pitch according to the genre) alongside Palak Muchhal who sounds completely like Shreya Ghoshal (think it's been wrongly credited to Palak Muchhal). The composition is light, breezy, hummable and easy on ears. Go for it!

"Hum Mar Jayenge" suffers from wrong choice of singer named Tulsi Kumar who fails to bring the charm required for such song and also it sounds like its being composed years before as the arrangements are outdated with the lyrics being clich├ęd. The 2nd antara brings Arijit Singh who tries to do some damage control but to no avail as the track lacks freshness and repeat value. Skip!

"Piya Aaye Na" starts off with harmonica renditions where K.K sings most of the part withTulsi Kumar sneaking in a few lines here and there. An above average composition where a talent like K.K is underutilized, still it works in parts and may sound good with the visuals.

Here comes Jeet Ganguly's favorite talent Mustafa Zahid, the combination brings in a lot of expectations with "Bhula Dena" which sounds stereotyped and offers nothing enthralling, the lyrics land in the 'yawn' territory and the arrangements fails to impress. Mustafa fails to create the magic this time and may be the video (which is pictured in the climax of the movie) attracts some eyes. 

The next track "Aasan Nahin Yahan" straight away falls in the 'Pritam-K.K' zone with the 'wo ooo ooo woo oo'. Arijit Singh does well to keep the listeners hooked for the whole 3.30 minutes, the arrangements are kept soft with light drums and some beautiful, soothing piano is heard in the second interlude. The lyrics though short, still manage to carry out the emotions perfectly making the song a good hear!

"Milne Hai Mujhse Aayi" is a kind of song that one gets addicted to in the very first hear. The electrifying arrangements (mostly rock) are dominated by guitar strums and some carefree, spirited singing by Arijit Singh. Irshad Kamil strikes the right chord with his pen this time and delivers what is expected out of such a talented writes, here is an extract:

'Milne Hai Mujhse Aayi, Phir Jaane Kyu Tanhayi, Kis Mod Pe Laayi Aashiqui,
Khud Se Hai Ya Khuda Se, Is Par Meri Ladayi, Kis Mod Pe Laayi Aashiqui,
Aashiqui Baazi Hai Taash Ki, Toot-te Bante Vishwas Ki'

The song if promoted well would be a chartbuster in no time; it's like one of those Himesh Reshammiya's hummable songs which one can't get out of his head. Absorbing!

The last to arrive on this big ost is an instrumental by Mithoon, "Aashiqui (The Love Theme)". A slow piano version of his song 'Tum Hi Ho' which captivates the soul and is a wonderful masterpiece. Lovely!

The whole soundtrack provides a feel of 'Rock' in every composition which sounds a bit forced in some tracks, may be the movie demands such arrangements. Among the three composers, Ankit Tiwari and Mithoon shines with their single compositions, the rest of the songs by Jeet Ganguly lacks freshness and sounds repetitive apart from 'Chahun Main Ya Na' and 'Milne Hai Mujhse Aayi'. The rest depends upon the promotions and how well the songs are used in the movie. All in all, a good soundtrack that works in parts and should work well alongside the narration of the movie!

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  1. An attractive romantic movie after long days ! The movie will just rock the youngsters for entertainment ! Beautiful movie to enjoy !



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