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Thursday, September 7, 2023

Jawan ( 2023) Movie Review- My View Point- Mitesh Saraf

There is this Grizzled, Cigar-Chomping Wolverine-Recalling SRK just before the interval and is undoubtedly what I call " Cinematically high ", the crowd went frenzy with all the whistling and hooting's when he was just casually bashing the goons with such panache and the finesse with which 
he carries his age is remarkable here. 

Whoever came up with the idea of making the older Shah Rukh Khan character look like a mashup of Amitabh Bachchan from Deewar and other Hollywood characters deserves a loud pat on his back.

 Not to forget the terrific bike chase highway sequences post interval that gives an adrenaline rush and makes you cheer for your superstar every time he lights up his cigar in slow motion and put his ear plugs on- the audience went berserk !! Outstanding !! 

The social-political aspects that the movie covers touches your hearts and delivers its message with great flair; the monologue at the climax on Democracy is ought to give you goosebumps with SRK looking straight into the camera acknowledged by a thunderous applause from the audience, last I felt so moved by a speech was "Sattar (70) Minute" from "Chak De! India" back in 2007. 

Anirudh's music disappoints to the core, when you have stage set for such a blockbuster there is no scope of going ordinary for the soundtrack- all songs are forgettable and urges you to take a loo break except the "Jawan Theme " and to some extent " Not Ramaiya Vastavaiya" which rolls at the end credits. There was such huge expectations from the music and it just doesn't stood upto that.

Although the background score by Anirudh remarkable and its what keeps on spinning in your head hours after you leave the cinema hall, it's that powerful and takes the action sequences and high points of the movie to an altogether another level. Sixer! Straight out of the park !

Director Atlee being at the helm of affairs there are flavors of South Indian Cinema which takes the movie at the backseat, for instance, the chemistry between Shah Rukh and Nayanthara doesn't quite hit the mark. Their love story unfolds with such swiftness that it might raise some eyebrows (Come on! is it that simple and one meeting-next-day marriage?), and Nayanthara's character, despite being a police officer, doesn't seem particularly curious about delving into her fiancĂ©'s background? Why? 

Nevertheless it's a Cinematic Masterpiece with hardly any dull moments and mesmerizing visuals that are full paisa-vasool and has a huge repeat value. Jawan is a big screen spectacle, a ride that is worth every penny you spend. It is ought to shatter all Box Office records and has Blockbuster written all over it.

Stop Everything you are doing right now and go and experience this Bollywood Extravaganza of action and emotion !

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