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Monday, June 17, 2024

Chandu Champion (2024)- My View Point !!

#Chanduchampion wins in parts and with aplomb.. there is a scene where Murli’s mentor Tiger Ali (played brilliantly by Vijay Raaz) take
s a paralyzed Murli to watch a 40-year-old Dara Sigh still fighting, still battling, to chase an incomplete dream..it creates a WOW factor for what a neat artistic motivational scene  being pulled off for a never-say-die attitude. Kabir Khan take a bow here for bringing such kind of cinema to us- each nerve in my body got pumped up with goosebumps.

Then comes in picture some Ambitious cinematography, what with that nerve-tickling ONE-TAKE war sequence in Kashmir pre-interval with a brilliant and well-timed background score by @juliuspackiam. Gosh! I was so moved by that scene that it took me a while to come out of that zone in that theatre hall.

There is no romantic track..  There’s no prolonged struggle for recognition.. There is no performative patriotism, there is no high strung melodrama, there is no “ Desh Ke Liye Mar Mitenge kind-a-stuff”: The national anthem is not heard but ‘seen’ ( extraordinarily executed scene) through the image of a stadium rising in honor of an Indian seated in a wheelchair. And for that, I applaud the makers for keeping it about the subject and not veering into jingoism.

It's about heroism and realising your true potential, about taking your best shot each time in life despite odds being not on your side ..

Chase your dreams like crazy.. Be passionate and Work Hard for it.. Patience and dedication are the key !! 

- Mitesh Saraf

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