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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Raaz 3 Music Review

Rating: ★ 
A franchise comes with monumental expectations especially when the previous two ventures (Raaz-2002 and Raaz-The Mystery Continues-2009) boasted of some 'Hit' numbers. The 'Bhatt Camp' continues the franchise with "Raaz 3" where Jeet Ganguly (Blood Money and Shirin Farhad Ki Toh Nikal Padi) composes five tunes and debutant Rashid Khan has one guest composition to offer without any remixes or reprises. Does Jeet Ganguly carries on his good run? Well, read on.

Debutant (as a composer) Rashid Khan composes and writes the first song "Deewana Kar Raha Hai" which starts off with pleasant arrangements where Javed Ali seems to be the perfect voice which keeps you engaged. A soft romantic number which takes the safe route with tried and tested formula. Both the interludes are heavily arranged with lots of instruments being mixed together thus making the song a bit lengthy, almost six minutes. Lyrics offer nothing new and are pretty average. A good melodious start!

"Zindagi Se" starts where the previous song has ended but as soon as the powerful voice of Shafqat Amanat Ali is heard, one is sure of some quality stuff. Rightly so, it's one of those songs which carries the trademark 'Bhatt' stamp and is a perfect one for the lead actor Emraan Hashmi whose presence will make sure that the track lands in the 'Hit' category. Lyricist Sanjay Masoomm although writes nothing extraordinary but still makes an impact backed up by the magnificent voice of Shafqat. The Piano and Flute in the interludes are mesmerizing and despite the Déjà-Vu feel attached with the song, this one has in it to win the hearts and deserves to be heard.

K.K starts off majestically the next track "Rafta Rafta" but sadly the overall outcome is pretty average considering the past combination of the Bhatt, Emraan and K.K The composition is well arranged but the tune gets too simple and flat after a time making it ordinary, although the flute portions are quite fantastic. Sanjay Masoomm disappoints with his pen and provides the usual clichéd stuff. As an audio, it lacks repeat value; let’s see if the video can do any wonders.

Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghosal, add to that some English chorus, some fast western beats, we have "Oh My Love"..Sadly the combination is not well stirred this time. A pure romantic number in the first place requires some fascinating lyrics where Sanjay Masoomm fails to deliver, second, the tune gives a heard before feel which results in comparison with the duo earlier songs, for instance take 'Soniyo' from the previous franchise which was far superior than this one. The English auto tuned part gives a headache and the electric guitar in the interlude seems to be forced. Don't bother giving it a hear!

If one was waiting for the thrill element in the soundtrack, here comes "Kya Raaz Hai" which tries hard to haunt you but fails miserably. Shreya Ghosal starts off well in the Arabic environment but afterwards a Sunidhi Chauhan would have suited this genre more rather than her. Zubeen Garg almost does a 'Krishna Beura' and if it wasn't for the credentials, would have been hard to clarify his voice, nevertheless Zubeen's part is the only engaging element in this Kumaar written track which will be surely be picturised on Bipasha Basu and may make up for an interesting watch. Skip!

The last track "Khayalon Mein" is a love song which is abruptly paced with Shreya Ghosal behind the mike. Again not something that we haven't heard before where Jeet again uses various instruments for the interludes and in between but to no avail as the track fails to catch attention. The lyrics by Kumaar are not by means close to his previous works. A dull end to the soundtrack which puts a question mark on the Bengali composer Jeet Ganguly.

Raaz 3 disappoints being a product of the Bhatt Camp where Jeet Ganguly despite using his Bengali tunes for three compositions: 'Zindagi Se', 'Rafta Rafta' and 'Oh My love' fails to impress; leaving with only two original compositions 'Kya Raaz Hai' and 'Khayalon Mein'; both of which offering absolutely nothing to satisfy the musical desire of the listeners. Overall, 'Zindagi Se' is the only saviour for this boat in this dreaded stormy night!
I rate it 2.0 out of 5.0
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