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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Jism 2 Music Review

Rating: ★ ★ ★ 1/2 
A sequel always comes with humongous expectations, be it the movie or the soundtrack...”Jism 2" (a sequel to Jism) is in news for adult film star Sunny Leone being casted for the lead role although listeners do have some expectations due to some fantastic melodies being churned out from 'Jism' by M.M.Kreem where 'Awarapan Banjarapan' still being one of my favourites and moreover the 'Bhatt Camp' has always been associated with 'Hit' soundtracks. Surprisingly, few debutants gets an opportunity for composing and writing with Mithoon also chipping in for one song. 6 originals with 1 reprise..It’s going to be a painful seductive ride!

A combination of K.K and 'Bhatt Camp' have always created magic...”Abhi Abhi" composed and written by Arko Pravo Mukherjee (A.P.Mukherjee) with support from Munish Makhija in the lyrics department gives a heard before feel of some 'Agnee' songs where soothing/peaceful piano starts the preceedings with fine guitar strums and K.K casts a spell with his ostentatious voice. The high notes are handled majestically and leaves one spell bound. Although there is nothing much memorable as far as the lyrics goes but definitely the melody will catch instant attention and as a result we have a Chartbuster right away! It returns with "Abhi Abhi Duet" where K.K is joined by Akriti Kakkar (wrongly credited to Shreya Ghoshal), the lyrics and music remains intact where an unplugged version would have added just that extra zing. Nevertheless, the female part impresses and provides a good alternate version for repeated hearings.

Mithoon composes and writes the second track "Yeh Kasoor", a trademark signature style of the composer with minimum arrangements. It's seductive, sensuous and one that needs some time to grow. Sonu Kakkar seems to be the perfect choice and breaks the monotony as far as female vocalist is concerned. The lyrics are always the high point in all of Mithoon compositions and he perfectly portrays the Pain and Betrayal of the female protagonist in this one. Obviously a track like this does have a restricted audience but in the context of the film, it should fit in pretty well and will certainly be appreciated by certain segment of listeners.

The high point of the soundtrack comes at this moment where A.P.Mukherjee brings on 'Junoon' band fame Ali Azmat for the next two tracks which are sheer listening delights.

"Maula" has everything- classy arrangements, exuberant lyrics and moreover some unconstrained, stylish, painful singing by Ali Azmat. One can easily relate to the composition as the protagonist is complaining to the almighty about the pain of being in love. Go for it!

'WoW' is the instant expression as some remarkable piano sets the mood for "Ye Jism" and my god what an immense talent is Ali Azmat who brings so many variations in his voice with some unreal 'agonizing' high notes and some riveting low notes. Notice how the song changes momentum at 1.13 and then at 1.40..Gorgeous! Never mind being it a copy of some Turkish composition, A.P.Mukherjee inserts some enthralling arrangements in the interludes and one can’t resist the violin loop in the background which is used with such great zeal. The lyrics are aptly written which keeps in sync with the theme of the movie...alaas...the song ends too soon with only one anatara which keeps the listeners craving for more. A definite winner which will stay in the top ten for quite some time. Must Hear!

"Darta Hoon (Adhoora)" composed, written and arranged by Pakistani rock band 'Rushk' is a surprise package. Adrenalizing rock beats, fascinating guitar strums with a fusion of Punjabi lyrics makes the five minutes interesting and gripping. No idea as to how this multi layered song will be used in the movie but surely would be an interesting watch on screen. 

The last track "Hey Walla" ends the soundtrack on a shocking note. Composed by Abdul Baasith Saeed has English vocals by Unoosha and seems to be a result of too much experimentation. A club song with a techno effect doesn't works this time, may be the video with the sizzling Sunny Leone attracts some eyes but offers nothing as an audio alone.

'Jism 2' stands tall to the expectations of the listeners, though compared to 'Jism' it certainly lacks in repeat value. 'Abhi Abhi' and 'Yeh Jism' are powerful compositions which may remain in the top ten lists for at least a month. A.P.Mukherjee makes an impressive debut with all the three songs being rich in quality both lyrically and musically. In short, it's worth your money! 
I rate it 3.5 out of 5.0
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