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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Student Of The Year Music Review

Rating: ★ ★ 
When a movie has the name of THE Karan Johar (KJo) for the director seat, stakes are high in all aspects.. "Student Of The Year" with brands like 'Red Chillies Entertainment' and 'Dharma Productions' bears lots of expectations and keeping in sync with the 'Youth' element, the composer duo of Vishal-Shekhar have been roped in, which even sky shoots the curiosity of the listeners. With 6 originals, one surprise 'Mashup', let's enter what promises to be one of the most youthful rides in recent times!

Benny Dayal dictions seems to be the perfect choice for a legendary song like "Disco Deewane" and it's even terrific to hear Nazia Hussain's voice being retained for the signature tune, which still sounds sparklingly young. V-S brings on their own style instead of a rehash version; it starts with English vocals by Vishal Dadlani which sets the stage for an adrenaline pumping-thumping stuff where the choreography by Remo D'Souza is top notch and makes up for a terrific watch on screen, probably a pre-climax sequence. The interludes are heavily arranged with lots of variety, joining Benny Dayal is Sunidhi Chauhan who had very less to do as Nazia's voice dominates the female part mostly. Notice how charmingly and stylishly Benny sings the hook line 'Disco Deewane..Aahaa..Aaahaa' in later part of the song..Good Lord..Magical! The ending with the theme of 'Ishq Wala Love' might make sense on screen but seems forceful in the audio; nevertheless, it's a perfect club number which will stay in the 'Hit' list for at least a month if not more.

Pleasant acoustic guitar starts off "Ishq Wala Love" which lands in one of those territories of KJo's which needs four to five hearings until it gets to your head. Shekhar Ravjiani is majestic as always and his combination with Salim Merchant is bound to leave the listeners in trance, leave alone the dynamic alaap portions by him (Shekhar). The tabla and guitar throughout melts your heart and the whispering voice of Neeti Mohan is absorbing and breathtaking right from the first note. V-S regular Anvita Dutt Guptan strikes gold in the lyrics department where she describes beautifully the feeling of being in love, when was the last time you hear thing like:
'Ishq Wala Love..Meri Neendi Jaisa Pehli Baar Tooti Hai, 
Aankhen Mal Ke Maine Dekhi Hai Subah..
Jaake Badalo Ki Jaali Ke Peeche Se, 
Kare Chandni Mujhko Ittala '

The name of Shahid Mallya develops excitement but alas! "Kukkad" is just another Hip-Hop Punjabi number with energetic beats, some English Chorus here and there by Nisha Mascarenhas and Marianne D'Cruz as a result it has nothing new as far as the brand of V-S is concerned. It may work with the video and may gain some popularity among the Punjabi Munda's due to the fun quotient attached but I doubt about the Shelf life and the repeat value, which will be restricted to the movie's run on the silver screen. Average!

"Radha" starts shockingly with some semi-classical notes but 40 seconds into the song and KJo straightaway makes his presence felt with a song that is Desi at heart, groovy enough for dance floors and addictive enough to be a rage in no time. What makes the song a winner apart from the fabulous singing by Shreya Ghoshal is the perfect fusion of Western and Desi arrangements and also the overall theme on which the song is based, thumps to Anvita Dutt Guptan for the lyrics. Vishal Dadlani and Shekhar Ravjiani throw themselves in for the signature chorus part and there you go- A Chartbuster in the making! And yes, it's easy for one to guess that Shahrukh Khan arrives at 4.50 where Udit Narayan does a small cameo which raises the bar an inch more. Forget 'Desi Girl' (Dostana), 'Radha' is here to rock!

A situational track based on the college life about mugging up, "Ratta Maar" rides high on lyrics and almost goes unplugged most of the time with just guitar strumming and soft beats. Starts off pretty well with Vishal Dadlani and Shefali Alvarez (thank God without the auto-tuned effect) but doesn't manages to go that far as expected. It tries to pick up some pace at the end but to no avail, should work pretty well along the movie's narration and hardly has anything that is memorable.

Shekhar Ravjiani and Vishal Dadlani comes behind the mike for the fun number "Vele",  an introductory song for the Male leads which has the power to create havoc among the party animals. It has a catchy tune with a Punjabi Tadka and lyrics that demands attention. Notice the ultimate control Shekhar has over his voice during the high pitch and what versatility from his mushy romantic numbers, certainly he is ready to break the shackles after 'Raftaarein' (Ra.One). Vishal Dadlani does a good rap portion in the second interlude, all in all a number that will instantly connect with the youth. Remix is what one craves for. Go for it!

 Last to arrive is a surprise remix and the first of its kind to find a place in a Bollywood soundtrack.."Mashup of the Year" by Kiran Kamath. Instead of several remixes, one hears all the songs interwoven with each other in a single remix.  A stormy end to the soundtrack, don't dare miss the Mashup!
Vishal-Shekhar provides a soundtrack that is peppy and energetic along with some situational tracks. What more a director like KJo needs for his movie which marks his return to the commercial cinema and which he claims as his 'Holiday Movie'. 'Disco Deewane' and 'Vele' will ride high on popularity as the movie reaches its release and 'Ishq Wala Love' will certainly find a special place in the top ten! Worth your time and money!
 I rate it 3.0 on 5.0

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Shanghai Music Review

Rating: ★ ★  1/2
A combination of multi-talented Writer/Director Dibakar Banerjee and the artistic duo of Vishal-Shekhar (V-S) promise some unconventional, innovative stuff in the Political thriller 'Shanghai'. Fresh from the success of 'Kahaani', V-S brings in a complete package with some trademark script interwoven situational numbers and some melodious tunes. Eight tracks with 2 remixes..Well! Let's check them out!

"Bharat Mata Ki Jai" is a winner straightaway, courtesy some bold/funny/sarcastic lyrics by Dibakar Banerjee himself that describes our country (the Good's and Bad's). Some loud Dhol beats throughout the four minute duration provides the energy. Keerti Sagathia leads from the front and is brilliant with support from Vishal Dadlani, Mandar Apte, Chintamani Sohoni, Dibakar Bannerjee and R N Iyer. A track that will be enjoyed with the Emraan Hashmi presence!
Added Dhol beats combined with whistling sounds bring together "Bharat Mata Ki Jai -Remix" which is not very different from the original and only acts as filler for repeat hearings.

Today, a soundtrack is incomplete unless an item number is included to attract eye balls and lure audiences to the Big Screen.."Imported Kamariya" is a pretty average effort if compared to V-S previous works- 'Chammak Challo' (Ra.One) and 'Sheila Ki Jawani' (Tees Maar Khan). Mamta Sharma is a name that is almost certain with item numbers but this time, Richa Sharma gets behind the mike (and sounds different) with support/chorus vocals from Vishal Dadlani and Shekhar Ravjiani. The lyrics by V-S regular Anvita Dutt Guptan are what demands attention and is the only innovative thing in this track which carries a Dibakar Bannerjee stamp. Hear it for the lyrics and Richa Sharma!

The third track "Duaa" instantly touches the soul with minimal use of orchestra, thus focusing more on vocals, lyrics and melody. After 'Dil Mera Muft Ka' (Agent Vinod) recently, Nandini Shrikar proves her versatility and her combination with the young talented Arijit Singh ('Raabta' from Agent Vinod) proves to be a one deadly affair that is made for repeated hearings. Notice how emotionally and elegantly Arijit handles the high notes..One massive talent.. Fantastic! The lyrics by Kumaar are top-notch to say the least. Shekhar Ravjiani is heard with some alaap in the interlude. The last one minute gets a bit too classical else it's a- Must Hear!

Up next is another absorbing, captivating V-S chartbuster "Khudaaya" where Shekhar Ravjiani will leave you in trance for the whole 2.50 minutes. Sublime subtle orchestra sets the mood with the short but terrific qawwali part (1.17 to 1.34) with opulent use of harmonium and Raja Hasan (Reality show contestant) supporting vocals; seriously he deserves more than the chorus parts. The clapping chant is used throughout but the way it grows at 2.08 is worth noticing. Neelesh Misra is one gem of an artist/writer/lyricist and he proves his menace once again with this number where each and every word is filled with pathos and emotions and makes one feel the pain. Classic!
For the remix lovers, DJ Kiran brings on "Khudaaya Remix" which is very well organised and well paced without sounding loud and overdone. 

The soundtrack takes a 180 degree U-Turn with "Morcha" which reminds of a certain Ajay-Atul (Agneepath) forte with all the nagada's and manjeera's at the very onset. Raja Hasan leads the vocals with support from Vishal Dadlani and is spot on, though his raw, rustic voice reminds me of Sukhwinder Singh but still..Way to go young man! Clearly it's the most important number if seen from the film's perspective and a perfect climax material. Vishal Dadlani hardly disappoints whenever it comes to writing and it shows in the straightforward lines about promises and protests in the mukhda and antara. One word: ‘Riotous’!!

Last to arrive is "Mantra Vishnu Sahasranamam" which makes the proceedings completely traditional and devotional with sitar at the background. Indeed a brave attempt to include a devotional Sanskrit mantra in a Bollywood soundtrack, would love to see how it's used in the movie.

Shanghai is a complete package, 'Khudaaya' and 'Duaa' is for those hunting for melody and lyrically heavy tunes, whereas 'Morcha' and 'Bharat Mata Ki Jai' keeps the theme of the movie intact. V-S once again takes a different route after 'Kahaani' and provides the listeners with some quality stuff that is very well written and composed and not just a re-hash of their previous tunes. Give it a few hearings folks and let the magic of V-S grow!
I Rate it 3.5 out of 5.0
 Version @ Planet-Bollywood

Monday, February 20, 2012

Kahaani Music Review

Rating: ★ ★  1/2
Vidya Balan AKA Vidya Bagchi
Sujoy Ghosh: Story Writer, Screenplay, Producer and Director for "Kahaani" where Vidya Balan (read 'Bidda Balan') portrays another challenging unconventional role of pregnant women in search of her husband. As a Writer and Director, Sujoy has three movies to his name : Jhankaar Beats(2003), Home Delivery (2005), Aladin (2009), all three had some good tunes by Vishal-Shekhar (V-S) but neither of these three tasted success at the box office and vanished without creating any fuss. This time with a dramatical thriller, hopes are again being lined up and as far as the soundtrack by V-S is considered, situational and some quality stuff is expected. Well, read on to know if the expectations have been met?

Some Jazz, some Hard Rock and some Retro, that makes up for a riotous start with "Aami Shotti Bolchi" where veteran Usha Uthup leads the vocals. It's a take on the city of Kolkata (with Vishal Dadlani as lyricist), without a sheer doubt, it would gel well along the narration of the movie and will do wonders as a background score and the theme of the movie. Shekhar Ravjiani continues his 'Raftaarein' (Ra.One) and surprises everyone with vociferous lines like 'Kolkata-You are sexy!’ Vishwesh Krishnamurthy provides the backing vocals/chorus and the three minutes keeps the listeners hooked.

Javed Bashir starts off in Ustaad Rashid Khan Style with alaap and sargams for "Piya Tu Kahe Rootha Re" and soon some fascinating electric guitar takes over alongside continuous manjeera sounds-a perfect fusion of Classical and Western instruments with the lyrics by Sandeep Shrivastava being eminent. V-S carries on from where they left in Ra.One's 'Bhare Naina' and the result is an impressive composition which would be surely applauded by people who knows what good and quality music is. An artistic Jugalbandi is what one gets to hear from 4.10 onwards- 'Intoxicating'!

V-S enters their trademark forte with the title track "Kahaani" that brings on the much required versatility to the soundtrack. A peaceful melodious situational composition with K.K at the very helm of affairs and Vishal Dadlani providing that extra zing with his supporting vocals as well as deep thought-provoking lyrics that beautifully defines the city of Kolkata and may be very well be used at various junctures in the movie. The flute renditions in the second interlude are first class and touch the soul. 

One wonders, that being a movie which is Women oriented, a feminine track is what it demands and V-S brings on Shreya Ghoshal for "Kahaani-Female", which is a 'WoW' composition and quite honestly is better than the K.K's version, be it the Live Acoustic Guitar by Gaurav Gupta or some neat and refined singing by Shreya, everything is simply terrific and makes one hit the 'Repeat On' mode instantly. Must Hear!

Sukhwinder Singh and V-S have a 'Hit' track record and it carries on with much ease in "Tore Bina" which is undoubtedly the Best of the lot. It starts with beautiful folk arrangements and as one prepares to hear a pure traditional song Indian at heart, suddenly some heavy electric guitar strums take over and leaves one spellbound. V-S brings on their regular and trusted artist Anvita Dutt Guptan for the lyrics and she is just terrific with the pen and does full justice to this theme-based-background track. Sukhwinder Singh hardly disappoints with his singing anyhow and this time also he strikes gold with his superlative high pitched notes, can't even imagine this composition in any other voice. One word-'Terrific'!

Last to arrive is "Ekla Cholo Re", a reprise version of Rabindranath Tagore's Bengali composition. Rendered by Amitabh Bachchan, it is surely the highlight of the album and apart from Tagore's poetry crooned by the Shehanshah (especially the second antara); the English vocals by Clinton Cerejo are worth noticing and give a Western touch to this epic composition. It would certainly be very interesting watch on screen!

Vishal-Shekhar, fresh from the huge commercial success of 'Chammak Challo' and 'O la la', completely breaks the shackles and goes totally unconventional for 'Kahaani'. The tunes wouldn't make one tap their feet, neither are sorts which the listeners would hum around (except for the title track 'Kahaani') but certainly are instilled with quality and does full justice to the theme of the movie. Of course, a soundtrack like this will be regarded as 'Boring' by the listeners who are in search of some commercial and masala numbers but in the context of the film, it should fit in pretty well and will grow insanely after the movie hits the silver screen. 
V-S: You Are Beauty!
I rate it 3.5 out of 5
Edited Version @ Planet-Bollywood

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Music Review: Buddha Hoga Tera Baap

Warning:Don't expect any Sheila ki Jawaani or Dard-e-disco from Vishal-Shekhar in this album.

Rating: ★ ★ 1/2
Since Om Shanti Om(2007),Vishal-Shekhar have been a respectful name in the music industry.Recently they erupted a volcano named Sheila Ki Jawaani(Tees Maar Khan) and some good numbers in I hate love Stories & Break Ke Baad.Vishal-Shekhar are known more for their high-on Drum Beats tunes.Expectations are very high due to the fact that Mr.Amitabh Bachchan has lend his voice for the title song,which has already created quite a stir due to its catchy lyrics and Big B's  "Angry Man" voice,after such a title track,one expects some more masala tunes,so lets see what Vishal-Shekhar has in store for us.Lyrics are by Vishal Dadlani,Swanand Kirkire & Anvita Dutt Guptan.
The album surprisingly comprises of only 4 songs,including 3 original and 1 Dub step version of title song.

The first track says Haal-e-Dil(no!it has nothing to do with Haal-e-dil from Murder2) sung by Amitabh Bachchan,Monali & Shekhar.The song is a soft number and has a huge resemblance to Main yaha tu waha,Zindagi hai kaha(Baaghban).The 1st 3 minutes of the song are purely unplugged where Big B shows why he is called the Shehanshah of Bollywood(I hear no Shekhar in the song,wonder why his name is mentioned as the singer).The song is very well written and will be liked instantly by everyone.I wonder how this song will be carried away along the narration of the movie,which claims to be a complete masala entertainer.Good number anyways.

Then comes the title song Buddha Hoga Tera Baap  sung by Amitabh Bachchan.This one has already catched lots of attention due to the promo's being aired on television.Big B voice in this one is rock solid and
the lyrics are perfect situational for a masala entertainer like this.The song will be used along the narration in the whole movie and will be enjoyed more with the video being watched.

It comes back as Buddha Hoga Tera Baap (Dub Step) for which Vishal Dadlani joins Big B and I must say this is the track that belongs to Vishal-Shekhar genre,a more of a techno-rock feeling added in this one and some english vocals by Vishal.A good innovative remix,however the original will acquire a longer shelf life than this one.

The last track Main Chandigarh Di Star by Sunidhi Chauhan is a fast-pacy-item number picturised on Raveena Tandon.The song is too-fast paced as it starts off and looks like if its a remix version,but as the song progress,its unusual lyrics will make you fall in love with it.A little punjabi touch has been added to it on the lyrics front.A good number ,again which will be popular once the video releases.

Buddha Hoga Tera Baap doesnt boasts of any chartbuster except the title song which will get popular with time.Only 3 original composition shows that there is very little scope for music in this action-packed-thriller.The title song will be used multiple times in the movie.Hear it if you get over with songs of Zindagi Na Milegi Dubara and Delhi Belly(not to mention Murder 2)


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