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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Double Dhamaal(2011)-Music Review

Rating: ★ ★

Music director ANAND RAJ ANAND(ARA) has worked as a guest composer recently in NO PROBLEM and for various ventures in the last decade.This time he takes up DOUBLE DHAMAAL,the album has 7 tracks,4 original and 3 remix.The lyrics are also by ARA with support from Mayur Puri.

The album opens with a cracker Chal Kudiye,sung by Anand Raj Anand(ANR) & Mika.The song has already been catched up with the listeners due to the promotional video making rounds on television.It starts with an english rap by Mika and then ARA joins in his usual punjaabi punch style(ARA has sung songs like Billo Rani-Goal and many more).The song is an instant hit from the word 'Go',its a High-on-Beat number,a typical ARA style,which will be a must at the parties and dj's in the coming days.The signature step is a real catchy one on the line"tera mera milna hi double dhamaal".Go for it.
The song later comes in a Remix Version with the same singers and lyrics,only the song has some extra dhol beats which makes it a bit more loud than the original number.A usual remix,nothing new.

Then comes the most hyped song of the album Oye Oye led by Sunidhi Chauhan.The buzz has been around for few days that they have bought the official rights from T-series of the famous song Oye Oye from Tirangaa and gave it a brand new avatar. ARA tries to do a Pritam for this one and fails miserably.I don't see any point of officially buying a famous song if only the line OYE OYE has to be used for the New, rather Remixed song.The song starts well with the old Oye Oye chorus tune but Sunidhi Chauhan fails to re-create the magic of the original sountrack,infact the song sounded a bit like Tere Liye(Prince) in the start.Disappointing,the only thing which can save the song now is the picturisation of the song in the movie.
Oye Oye has a remix version(sunidhi chauhan) which is more pacy and high pitched.Disappointing.

Jalebi Bai by Ritu Pathak(sung Papa jag jaega from housefull) starts with the usual item number beats but 20 seconds in the song and one feels that they are listening to a bad version of sheila ki jawaani(tees maar khan),the drum beats seemed like copied from the vishal-shekhar shelf and the paragraph too has similarities with Sheila song.However Mallika Sherawat will be the jalebi bai in the video of the song(mallika does an item number for the song) and its enough to attract viewers,the song is an attempt to re-create the magic of  Munni & Sheila,but the music is a big big minus.Lets see what Mallika makes out of this song.

Mika sing has crooned the last original track of the album Chill maaro,a perfect Mika number.The song has lyrics that will catch your attention instantly and the care-free-cool voice of Mika makes the song Brilliant(Mika hardly disappoints).Its the best of the lot with a 2 and a half remixed version which is a usual remix number.

The music of Double Dhamaal offers nothing new.Jalebi bai and Oye Oye success depends upon the Promotion of the videos and the movie.Chal kudiye is the only plus.

Friday, May 13, 2011


RATING: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ 

Clinton Cerejo,Hitesh Sonik,Luv Ranjan,Ad Boys-These were the names which surpised me when I saw them below the label-Music director.Clinton Cerejo has last composed the title track of Jawani Diwani(in 2006),Hitesh Sonik recently composed for Stanley ka dabba-2011 and Lahore-2010,and the other two names are totally new,so lets see what they have to offer in these six tracks.

The first promo had the song Ishq Na Kariyo Kakke sung by Mika,right from the start it entered the Pritam zone and is the best track of the album(will come back to it later).
So,the first track says Life Sahi Hai(K.K, Vishal Dadlani, Benny Dayal, Sidd Coutto[dnt know where he came from]);a brilliant start keeping in mind the theme of movie,song describes the carefree youth today,it will grow once the video is released(however it goes on a bit similar track as dum laga dum laga of Dil Dosti e.t.c).The song looses grip in between for some time when vishal enters with his english vocals but after that it gets back on the track and the lyrics makes it even more interesting[chichoristaan ke hum chaudhari hai].Brilliant start to the album.

Koi aa raha Paas hai,its an ordinary track and has nothing refreshing to offer.Its original version(its more of an unplugged version) sung by suraj jagan doesn't attracts even after multiple hearings,then there is a Reprise version sung by Sonu nigam,its better than the original one but still it lacks the refreshing touch.Average track after such a brilliant start.

Then comes KUTTA(Mika) ,its funny,situational,spanky,catchy.Its a brave effort to write such lyrics(listen ghade ke poot----) in  today's era where male dominated movies and songs are made.The song will get attention due to its catchy lyrics,and I think   the song should be played at different times in the movie as a background score rather than just wasting it on one situation.

Chak Galassi(Monali, Sunzanne D'mello) a perfect dance number which will strike instantly and will make rounds at the clubs in the coming days,the song tries hard to recreate the magic of 4 Baj gaye(FALTU) but fails,not completely,it works in parts.A good dance number all in all which has another version sung by Ad Boys in place of Monali,however the original is far better than this one.

Baanware(Clinton Cerejo),this song needs some time to grow,nothing special apart from the singer and the rock feeling added to it,its more of a vishal bhardwaaj genre composition,will add variety to the album.Good effort.

Now come Ishq Na kariyo Kakke,from the word go its a Pritam's zone,the lyrics,the music,the singer,everything.The song is already a hit.Not only the song is high on beats but the lyrics also gel perfectly with the theme of the song,a lot now depends upon the timing of the song in the movie,the song will grow more and more once the movie releases.A sure shot chartbuster.

To sum up,the music has got so much attention just because the way the movie is being promoted,a lot now-a-days depends upon this.The promo's were enough to creating curiosity despite the movie being a guiness record in the debut category,all the 6 lead actors/actress are newcomers with the music director and lyricist joining the list.


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