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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunidhi Chauhan Live @ iit-kanpur-Amazing Experience!


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Music Review: Buddha Hoga Tera Baap

Warning:Don't expect any Sheila ki Jawaani or Dard-e-disco from Vishal-Shekhar in this album.

Rating: ★ ★ 1/2
Since Om Shanti Om(2007),Vishal-Shekhar have been a respectful name in the music industry.Recently they erupted a volcano named Sheila Ki Jawaani(Tees Maar Khan) and some good numbers in I hate love Stories & Break Ke Baad.Vishal-Shekhar are known more for their high-on Drum Beats tunes.Expectations are very high due to the fact that Mr.Amitabh Bachchan has lend his voice for the title song,which has already created quite a stir due to its catchy lyrics and Big B's  "Angry Man" voice,after such a title track,one expects some more masala tunes,so lets see what Vishal-Shekhar has in store for us.Lyrics are by Vishal Dadlani,Swanand Kirkire & Anvita Dutt Guptan.
The album surprisingly comprises of only 4 songs,including 3 original and 1 Dub step version of title song.

The first track says Haal-e-Dil(no!it has nothing to do with Haal-e-dil from Murder2) sung by Amitabh Bachchan,Monali & Shekhar.The song is a soft number and has a huge resemblance to Main yaha tu waha,Zindagi hai kaha(Baaghban).The 1st 3 minutes of the song are purely unplugged where Big B shows why he is called the Shehanshah of Bollywood(I hear no Shekhar in the song,wonder why his name is mentioned as the singer).The song is very well written and will be liked instantly by everyone.I wonder how this song will be carried away along the narration of the movie,which claims to be a complete masala entertainer.Good number anyways.

Then comes the title song Buddha Hoga Tera Baap  sung by Amitabh Bachchan.This one has already catched lots of attention due to the promo's being aired on television.Big B voice in this one is rock solid and
the lyrics are perfect situational for a masala entertainer like this.The song will be used along the narration in the whole movie and will be enjoyed more with the video being watched.

It comes back as Buddha Hoga Tera Baap (Dub Step) for which Vishal Dadlani joins Big B and I must say this is the track that belongs to Vishal-Shekhar genre,a more of a techno-rock feeling added in this one and some english vocals by Vishal.A good innovative remix,however the original will acquire a longer shelf life than this one.

The last track Main Chandigarh Di Star by Sunidhi Chauhan is a fast-pacy-item number picturised on Raveena Tandon.The song is too-fast paced as it starts off and looks like if its a remix version,but as the song progress,its unusual lyrics will make you fall in love with it.A little punjabi touch has been added to it on the lyrics front.A good number ,again which will be popular once the video releases.

Buddha Hoga Tera Baap doesnt boasts of any chartbuster except the title song which will get popular with time.Only 3 original composition shows that there is very little scope for music in this action-packed-thriller.The title song will be used multiple times in the movie.Hear it if you get over with songs of Zindagi Na Milegi Dubara and Delhi Belly(not to mention Murder 2)

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Murder 2:Music Review

Rating: ★ ★ ★

An album from Vishesh Films always boasts of some great melodious tunes,by and large they have used Pritam as the composer,but for this venture Debutant Harshit Saxena joins hand with Mithoon & Siddharth-Sangeet Haldipur.Expectations are high due to some superhit tracks composed by Anu Malik in the 1st Murder(2006).The album offers 8 tracks with 5 originals and 3 remix.

The 1st track Haal-e-Dil composed and sung by Debutant Harshit Saxena(Amul Star Voice Of India Fame) is a trademark "Bhatt's" tune.The song is hummable and will strike a chord instantly,however its on the same lines as "Maahi" from "Raaz-D mystery continues" by Sharib-Toshi.Harshit does a fair job as the lead vocalist,although the song is slight K.K'ish.Long way to go Harshit,you composed a brilliant tune.Chartbuster straightaway.
The song comes back in an Acoustic Version which is more of a Rock number high on drum beats.The special thing about this version is that Harshit has sung the whole song again in a completely different way.Both the versions are two separate songs and I liked the hard work done by him for both the versions.Fantastic.

The next track Aa Zara;composed by Sangeet-Siddharth;is the only seductive(a must for a movie like this) song in the album and it starts with a sultry scream in the voice of Sunidhi Chauhan.The song goes on the same track as Udi(Guzaarish-2010).Its a perfect track for Jacqueline Fernandez and will be loved more seeing her dancing on this one.The song comes later in a Reloaded Version and it seems to be a sequel to the song Aaj ki Raat(Don-2007) as it started,this version is fast paced and has a 90's feeling attached to it.Original is far better.

Surprise is the word when you hear the 3rd track named Aye Khuda;composed by Mithoon and sung by Mithoon,Saim,Kshitij Tarey.A song,which is close to 7 minutes(a rarity today) needs 3 to 4 hearings to completely captivate you.Look out for the high-pitched notes sung by Saim at 2 minute 45 seconds,Outstanding.The song is slow paced and certainly the Best of the Lot.The song has a Disappointing Remix version which should be used as a promotional video featuring Imraan Hashmi,its a typical Imraan-Remix track.

After Mausam(Train),Mithoon provides another sad number Phir Mohabbat in the voice of Mohd.Irfan,Arijit & Saim.Its a trademark Mithoon composition which is high on lyrics and has a sad feeling attached to it.However the song is more of an unplugged version which focused more on the vocals and the lyrics.A good track.

The last track Tujhko Bhulana;composed by Siddharth-Sangeet and sung by Sangeet Haldipur himself with Roshni Baptist is an average fast paced number.Although the song is composed by the Haldipurs,it    is quite similar to Teri Tamanna from the movie Train which was composed by Mithoon.

Murder 2 provides the music lovers with some hummable tunes for which the Bhatt Camp is known for.Haal-e-Dil and Aye Khuda will acquire a longer shelf life as compare to other tracks.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Double Dhamaal(2011)-Music Review

Rating: ★ ★

Music director ANAND RAJ ANAND(ARA) has worked as a guest composer recently in NO PROBLEM and for various ventures in the last decade.This time he takes up DOUBLE DHAMAAL,the album has 7 tracks,4 original and 3 remix.The lyrics are also by ARA with support from Mayur Puri.

The album opens with a cracker Chal Kudiye,sung by Anand Raj Anand(ANR) & Mika.The song has already been catched up with the listeners due to the promotional video making rounds on television.It starts with an english rap by Mika and then ARA joins in his usual punjaabi punch style(ARA has sung songs like Billo Rani-Goal and many more).The song is an instant hit from the word 'Go',its a High-on-Beat number,a typical ARA style,which will be a must at the parties and dj's in the coming days.The signature step is a real catchy one on the line"tera mera milna hi double dhamaal".Go for it.
The song later comes in a Remix Version with the same singers and lyrics,only the song has some extra dhol beats which makes it a bit more loud than the original number.A usual remix,nothing new.

Then comes the most hyped song of the album Oye Oye led by Sunidhi Chauhan.The buzz has been around for few days that they have bought the official rights from T-series of the famous song Oye Oye from Tirangaa and gave it a brand new avatar. ARA tries to do a Pritam for this one and fails miserably.I don't see any point of officially buying a famous song if only the line OYE OYE has to be used for the New, rather Remixed song.The song starts well with the old Oye Oye chorus tune but Sunidhi Chauhan fails to re-create the magic of the original sountrack,infact the song sounded a bit like Tere Liye(Prince) in the start.Disappointing,the only thing which can save the song now is the picturisation of the song in the movie.
Oye Oye has a remix version(sunidhi chauhan) which is more pacy and high pitched.Disappointing.

Jalebi Bai by Ritu Pathak(sung Papa jag jaega from housefull) starts with the usual item number beats but 20 seconds in the song and one feels that they are listening to a bad version of sheila ki jawaani(tees maar khan),the drum beats seemed like copied from the vishal-shekhar shelf and the paragraph too has similarities with Sheila song.However Mallika Sherawat will be the jalebi bai in the video of the song(mallika does an item number for the song) and its enough to attract viewers,the song is an attempt to re-create the magic of  Munni & Sheila,but the music is a big big minus.Lets see what Mallika makes out of this song.

Mika sing has crooned the last original track of the album Chill maaro,a perfect Mika number.The song has lyrics that will catch your attention instantly and the care-free-cool voice of Mika makes the song Brilliant(Mika hardly disappoints).Its the best of the lot with a 2 and a half remixed version which is a usual remix number.

The music of Double Dhamaal offers nothing new.Jalebi bai and Oye Oye success depends upon the Promotion of the videos and the movie.Chal kudiye is the only plus.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Always Kabhi Kabhi-Music Review

RATING :  ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

First of all the movie is directed by Roshan Abbas(remember a game show called Family Fortune used to come years back,he hosted that show and now is making debut as a director,singer,lyricist in this movie-whoooaaaa).
Its an SrK venture(red chillies) and he has used 3 music directors this time,Aashish rego(given music for a low budget movie back in 2008),Shree D,Pritam Chakraborty(however 8 out of 10 are Pritam compositions)and the lyrics are by Amitabh Bhattacharya, Prashant Pandey, Irfan Siddique; Roshan Abbas.The album offers 10 tracks,6 originals and 2 remix,1 sufi version and 1 unplugged of the title song(album as a whole looks good with so much variety).

The 1st song, the only composition by Aashish Rego and Shree D,Always kabhi kabhi(Bhavin Dhanak, Sanahmoidutty,Harmeet singh ,Apeksha) surprisingly doesnt leads upto the expectations being the title song of the movie,however its a type of a song which needs some hearings and time to grow.Harmeet Singh with his fantastic sufiana voice joins the vocals after about 2 and half minutes and I wonder why he has been given just few lines in the song(a mere 30 sec).The song ends brilliantly with Harmeet entering into rahat fateh ali khan zone.(wonder why Harmeet's name is not mentioned in the list of songs vocals).Harmeet singh saved the song big time.

The 2nd song onwards the album belongs to Pritam and does he disappoints ever,naaahhh,Antenna(benny dayal,roshan abbas,apeksha),a good fast pacy track with youthfull lyrics(the trend has been such after 4 baj gaye lekin party abhi baak hai).I tried real hard to identify Roshan Abbas voice in this song but I failed.The song is a perfect Pritam composition(however it reminds me of love mera hit hit soniye-Billu Barber) and will work well once the video is released.A good fun number which comes back in a Reloaded-Srk Mix where K.K and Anupam Amod replaces Benny dayal and Roshan Abbas,this version has nothing different to offer(apart from some extra drum beats and english vocals),the original one is better than the reloaded one.

The next track School ke din(Suhail kaul[voice behind 'baatein kuch ankahi si-Life in a metro'] and ishq bector) is a fantastic song which takes you back to the school days and it has Prashant Pandey written all over it(due to the lyrics),the lyrics are perfect,however the song has a heard before feeling but it works in favour of the song as it strikes at the first go.Brilliant compostion(the best is yet to come) and singing.

Then comes Better not mess with me(rock mix-sunidhi chauhan),its more of a situational feminine song,with few english vocals,I expected it to be high on english vocals but the case is completely different.An ordinary composition which has a club mix with Shefali Alvaris(voice behind ye dil hai nakhrewala-dil toh baccha hai ji).This one is far better than the rock mix.Wonder which one will be included in the movie.

Undi the condi(shaan and aditi singh sharma),yes,thats the name of the next track.The lyrics are not that good considering the unusual name of the song.A passable number which works in parts.

Then comes the best track of the album,Jane kyun(soul version-naresh iyer),its one soft number which is a must when Pritam is the music composer.No it has no similarity with the song Jiyen Kyun of Dum Maaro Dum.Naresh Iyer has sung it beautifully(voice behind Roobaru-Rang de Basanti) and the lyrics are well written.Its a song one would hear again and again.It has hit written all over it.Its a "WOW" compositon.
The song has a Sufi version with Shafqat Amanat Ali behind the mike.This song gets better and better with the number of times you hear it,both the versions are fantastic,however shafqat takes the song to new heights and his voice is simply amazing(similar to shankar mahadevan at points).Pritam provides another chartbuster.

The last track is a surprise,Always kabhi kabhi(unplugged-vinnie hutton and apeksha),it starts with english vocals.(Vinnie hutton has recently crooned the song 'Reaching for the Rainbow' in Love U Mr.Kalakaar).The song is similar to Reaching for the Rainbow in the starting but then Apeksha takes complete hold of the song and it gives a perfect end to the album.This version is better than the original title  number due to lounge feeling.Apeksha has been a surprise package in this song.Its a beautiful composition.

The album has ups and downs and has nothing new to offer,but being an SrK production,the promotions will be very aggressive(see how the song'antenna' is being promoted)which will make the songs popular.Jaane Kyun is the best of the lot which is still crooning in my mind.Go for it,its a decent hear.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Kuch Love Jaisa-Music Review

RATING: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ 

The songs of READY are making a buzz everywhere and Pritam provides another album having the ability to top the charts.

To start with,Pritam brings on his favorite Mohit Chauhan for the title song NAINA with Monali Thakur(Indian Idol -2 and the seductive voice behind Zara Zara touch me-Race) ,the song starts brilliantly with light orchestra and whistling;[starting is a bit similar to BHEEGI SI BHAAGI SI-RAJNEETI];monali thakur is impressive and mohit chauhan is brilliant again(what a soulful voice he has).Its more a Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy genre which needs some time to grow on you.The song has hit written all over it.(The Sound of mouth organ fusioned with whistling is something to hear again and again and again)

Next comes Thoda Sa Pyar,a Signature Pritam composition which has been placed 3 times in the album;the original is sung by sunidhi chauhan and anupam amod,the next is called as Raghav's search for love sung by Mannan Shah(Where in the world does he came from,even google has no records of him but his singing style reminds me of A.R.REHMAN),the last is named as Madhu's search for love sung by Naresh Iyer and shefali.To be honest,the best is Madhu's search for love with added english vocals and Naresh Iyer has sung it beautifully,Raghav's search for love is more of an unplugged version which is also good,but the original number by sunidhi chauhan disappoints me,its passable.

The next track is Baadalon pe paon by Mannan Shah,its a fast pacy number and it goes on the same track as JANNAT YAHA of movie JANNAT,an average composition,neither brilliant nor bad.

The last song is named KHWAB,it also has 2 versions,one is named ROCK and other is Raghav's Confession,Nikhil D'souza is the vocalist in both the versions.Nikhil is a must when the composer is Pritam.[I personally believe that K.K is a far far better singer than Nikhil D'souza].Khwab is the best song of the album,the rock version is fantastic with some brilliant guitar being played in the background,the other version doesn't offers something new,its the same song minus the Rock beats.Popularity of the song now depends upon how this song is picturised in the movie.

All the songs are trademark Pritam tunes and will grow with multiple hearings and the way the movie is promoted.


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