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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ek Tha Tiger Music Review

Rating: ★ ★ 1/2 
Salman Khan..Eid...15th August..And a gorgeous Katrina Kaif..Can it get any bigger? "Ek Tha Tiger" is one of the most anticipated movies of 2012 and is expected to shatter all records at the box office with a tag of 'Sure Shot Blockbuster'. Talented Sohail Sen has been roped in with Sajid-Wajid as guest composers. For the lyrics department, names like Neelesh Misra, Kausar Munir and Anvita Dutt Guptan makes sure that the soundtrack results in a grandiose affair. Well, with four originals, few remixes and one instrumental let the Tiger roar!

"Mashallah" the only composition by Sajid-Wajid rides high on commercial aspects and is a multi layered composition with lots of Arabic/ Persian arrangements. The signature tune with the harmonium and the chorus enchants is a hangover from Anu Malik's 'Milo Na Milo' but nevertheless it has the capability to win hearts and accolades. The video is amazingly shot with the sizzling, smoking Katrina Kaif and our very own Salman Khan in his usual enigma. Lyricist Kausar Munir doesn't write anything that we haven't heard before so nothing much to be appreciated in the writing department. As for the singing, Wajid introduces a new diction for 'Mashallah' and is at his usual best where his voice seems to be tailor made for Salman and yes, Shreya Ghoshal is sparklingly remarkable in her short part. A good start indeed! "Mashallah Remix" by Joshilay is a real mess with the annoying high tempo and forced beats, skip the remix.

'Salsa' like arrangements starts of "Laapata" where 'Yash Raj Banner' makes their presence felt straight away, sadly it seems to be a rehash version from the 'Dhoom' franchise ('Salaame' and a bit of 'Touch Me' to be specific). Reality show contestant Palak Muchhal starts of gracefully taking us back to the early days of Shreya Ghoshal and is joined by the 'bankable' K.K. who oozes romance/love with each line. If the trumpet used from 1.21 to 1.28 is mesmerizing then at the same time the arrangements from 1.47 to 1.56 are weirdly lifted from 'Antenna' (Always Kabhi Kabhi). Anvita Dutt Guptan tries real hard with the lyrics but the end result fails to create a long lasting impression as a result it turns out to be an average effort from Sohail Sen. Although expect a sizzler when the video unleashes! Joshilay brings forward "Laapata Remix", a fast paced club dance number which only acts as filler without an inch of an innovation.

"Banjaara" belongs to Salman Khan..A fast paced love number where Neelesh Misra majestically uses the word Banjaara for the state of being in love rather than describing the pain with it as in most cases, still the antara’s are not upto the calibre of an artist like Neelesh Misra. Sohail Sen eminently uses the Violin loop during the whole song for the signature tune, the use of sargams in the first interlude and the harmonium in the second interlude is graceful and awe inspiring, something that is expected out of Sohail Sen composition. Sukhwinder Singh is a kind of artist who hardly disappoints regardless the genre and this time also his powerful vocals makes sure that the song lands in the 'Hit' category although a lot still depends upon how it is being picturised in the movie looking at the situational tag that it carries. Moving on "Banjaara Remix" sung and arranged by Jolly (Joshilay) is the best of the three remix. Never an easy task to replace a singer like Sukhwinder Singh but it results in a good alternate version where the 'Tiger Theme' can also be heard in the second interlude. Terrific Remix!

Mohit Chauhan and Taraannum Mallik bring together a captivating, melodious "Saiyyara" which is instant catch material and has all the ingredients of a riveting soul stirring composition. After a very long time Mohit Chauhan is heard in some high pitched notes and full marks to him for that where as Taraannum Malik lavishly handles the ultra low notes and supports him well. Kausar Munir does a much better job as compared to 'Mashallah' but still nothing groundbreaking or monumental as far as the writing goes, especially both the antara's.  Make no mistake, despite the tried and tested heard before template, it's going to be huge hit among Salman fans and will remain in the top 10 for quite some time even after the movie ends its run on the Silver Screen.

Last to arrive is the "Tiger's Theme" composed by Julius Packiam, a 'Hot' favourite with director Kabir Khan who has used his service for the instrumentals/themes in his previous two directorial ventures: 'Kabul Express' (2006) and 'New York' (2009). It starts off with the electric and bass guitar, a tune that is already a popular ringtone material courtesy the theatrical trailer and goes into the 'Bourne' meets 'Bond' at some points The three minutes are heavily arranged and apart from the starting credentials, expect this one to be used at various crucial junctures post interval.

Ek Tha Tiger doesn't match upto the expectations and lacks the repeat value with a very limited shelf life. Sajid-Wajid's 'Mashallah' is the only major attraction and the three songs by Sohail Sen falls in the average category with minimum innovation where his previous two soundtracks: What's Your Raashee (2009) and Mere Brother Ki Dulhan (2011) were far more impressive, but considering the presence of Salman Khan, 'Banjaara' and 'Saiyyara' are going to be the 'Hot Seller'. 
I rate it 2.5 out of 5.0

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

READY-Music Review

RATING: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ 

A popular soundtrack acts as sone pe suhaga if the film is strong in merits and cast.This has been proven long long back and still it works in Bollywood.I remember BUNTY & BABLI,there was nothing special in the movie post interval but the song KAJRAARE(the trio of ash,abhi n big b) did wonders for the movie.Recently MUNNI GOT BADNAAM but DABBANG got HIT(not solely because of MUNNI but still it helped),4 baj gaye proved useful for FALTU,there are numerous examples,but the point is Music lures the public to the big screen.
Ready offers 8 songs(4 originals and 4 remixes),a rare in case the music director is PRITAM(who offers loads of songs in a movie-AJab prem ki gajab kahani,Once upon a time in mumbai & many more).The best part about the album is -It doesnt needs a 2nd hearing-the 2 sure shot chartbusters-Charachter Dheela and Dhinka Chika-grows on u instantly(thats the quality of PRITAM).Unlike Shankar-ehsaan-loy and A.R.Rehman,Pritam compositions doesn't needs multiple hearings,the songs just clicks at 1 go.
Coming back to READY,Character dheela is a trademark pritam tune with neeraj sridhar behind the vocals(d female singer-amrita kak is also impressive though),the song has already created a stir due to its unsual lyrics(amitabh bhattacharya),the reference to MUNNI,ShEila ; FAcebuk makes it even more interesting.
The next track HUMKO PYAR HUYA disappoints me despit good start with the english vocals.Love song in a salman movie will now be compared to TERE MAST MAST 2 Nain and humko pyar huya is no way near to it.
Now the next song,DHINKA CHIKA,WOW,(its an adaptation of telegu RINGA RINGA) Mika is electrifyng as always.The lyrics are a little hat-ke and the beats are catchy.When i 1st heard it,name of Altaaf raja(tum to thehre pardesi fame) came to my mind,just because of the reference to all the 12 months in one song,Altaaf raja also have a song with the same reference,but Dhinka Chika is far far better and also the genre is lot diff
Next song MERI ADAA BHI is an avg number(as rahat fateh ali khan is known more for soulfull numbers than dance one's).1 thing that Pritam does in his albums is variety in the original and remix of a song(either a diff singer or diff lyrics),that shows quality of hard work he puts in his tunes,the remix of Dhinka Chinka is also sung by mika,but the lyrics are different with added beats..


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