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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Don 2 Music Review

 Rating: ★ ★ 

A sequel, that too of a Remake Version develop humongous expectations, be it the soundtrack or the movie, and nothing short of some elegant and stylish stuff will be acceptable by the music buff's. Don 2 comes from the house of 'Farhan Akhtar' (Director and Story Writer) who shot to fame with his debut movie 'Dil Chahta Hai' almost a decade ago, from thereon, it's been a team- Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy for the Music Direction and his father Javed Akhtar for penning the lyrics and no wonder the team has produced some smash hits in 'Dil Chahta Hai' (which was an outstanding OST of its time- 2001); 'Lakshya' (2004) and 'Don-The Chase Begins Again (TCBA)'  (2006) and now with Don 2, one expects another thrilling and sizzling outing from S-E-L and the Akhtar's. If one looks back to 2011 and 2010, one will realise that the past two years have not been prolific for S-E-L, "Aarakshan" and "Game" this year proved to be a huge disappointment while 'Patiala House' and 'Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara' was simply good and had nothing Jaw dropping or monumental for which the composers have been known all these years since they made their debut with 'Dus' in 1997. So, let’s see if the composers put an end to all the criticism they have been facing from past 2 years!

The proceedings starts with "Aa Raha Hu Palat Ke", a 35 sec monologue by Shahrukh Khan (SrK) which marks the return of Don and tries to set the mood for the rest of the songs.

The second track, "Zara Dil Ko Thaam Lo" starts with Anusha Mani ('Lazy Lamhe'-'Thoda Pyar Thoda Magic' fame) knocking at the doors of 'Aaj Ki Raat' from 'Don-TCBA'. The chorus is a bit loud while the musical arrangements maintains the same rhythm and pitch during the whole song but Vishal Dadlani entry after 2 minutes and SrK stylish onscreen presence makes it interesting and brings an evil attitude to the song which is being promoted aggressively and is sure to get up the charts with time. But also there is nothing innovative in the lyrics department, moreover, the 2nd antara disappoints which leads to an average start and much below the standards of S-E-L.

It's innovative, it's fresh and certainly the best of the 3 originals, "Hai Yeh Maya" starts with retro-techno beats and the talented, Usha Uthup behind the mike. It's been 2 decades in the industry when she sang 'Koi Yaha Aaha Nache Nache' in 'Disco Dancer' and recently 'Darling' in '7 Khoon Maaf', and her voice still has the power and exuberance to thrill the listeners. A perfect choice of singer for an enthralling composition like this which will find its place at various junctures in the movie. It refreshes the memories of Asha Bhonsle-R.D.Burman classic 'Jab Andhera Hota Hai' back in 1972 and certainly will grab ears post the movie release if not now.
"Hai Yeh Maya Remix" by DJ Shane Mendonsa is a mix of various arrangements and gives a club feel to the song. Too much experiment, I would prefer the original.

Some more retro, some more techno, that brings on the 4th track "Dushman Mera", which seem to be a perfect climax outing with Priyanka Chopra and SrK. Sunitha Sarathty starts off well (remember 'Khuda Hafiz' from 'Yuva'-2004), joined later by Shankar Mahadevan who sounds different from his usual style (somewhat like Kishore Kumar, anyone?). The composition could have been much better if S-E-L had tried to come out of the 'Don' zone, the lyrics are lame and there is hardly any innovation anywhere, on the flip side though, a terrific visual treat will blast a dynamite onscreen. Wait for the video!

Sunitha Sarathy perfectly brings on the thrill element with her lines-'Har Dil Me Hulchul Hai, Aaya Hai Dekho Kaun' at very start for "The King Is Back (Theme)"and from thereon, electrifying guitar riffs, some pretentious keyboard arrangements will take you for a roller-coaster ride. It takes forward the majestic 'Don Theme and at 2.30 it completely goes in the 'Dushman Mera' zone. A perfect ringtone material.

"Mujhko PehchaanLo", a reprise/reconstructed version of ‘Main Hoon Don' from 'Don-TCBA' minus the chorus. It's animated and dark and will disappoint those listeners who compare it with the original version by Shaan. K.K here brings on the required attitude and arrogance alongside some powerful drum beats and guitar strumming. Instead of going for something new, the director sticks to the old theme and in my opinion  it shouldn't be wasted in the starting credits.
What disappoints is "Mujhko Pehchaan Lo Remix" (is it actually a remix?)which suffers from an infinite loop of 'Don Ko Pakadna Mushkil Hi Nahi, Namumkin Hai' during the whole 5 minutes and Srk's continuous chanting of Don..Don in the first interlude irritates. 3 minutes later, you will rip off your hairs for sure. Skip Skip!

The last track/instrumental is named "The Don Waltz" where Caralisa Monteiro throws in some opera-ish- notes (only for 20 sec though). The violin loops reminds me of some Tom & Jerry series and refreshes the scene from the previous ‘Don’ where SrK was shown taking a bath in his bath tub and watching Tom & Jerry. A good innovative attempt but one wonder how and when the director will use it in the movie (may be for some Ballet Dance sequence or may be something else).
Don 2 doesn't lives upto the expectations which were sky high after the huge success of 'Don-TCBA', it's a soundtrack that will work along the movie and will take the story forward, but as an audio alone it doesn't delivers. S-E-L plays safe by continuing from where they left in the previous venture of Don and there is hardly any innovation, Javed Akhtar lyrics are usual and lack the artistic touch, as a result 'Hai Ye Maaya' is the only good thing about Don 2 as of now, rest other will gain popularity post the movie release.
I rate it 3 out of 5!
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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Always Kabhi Kabhi-Music Review

RATING :  ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

First of all the movie is directed by Roshan Abbas(remember a game show called Family Fortune used to come years back,he hosted that show and now is making debut as a director,singer,lyricist in this movie-whoooaaaa).
Its an SrK venture(red chillies) and he has used 3 music directors this time,Aashish rego(given music for a low budget movie back in 2008),Shree D,Pritam Chakraborty(however 8 out of 10 are Pritam compositions)and the lyrics are by Amitabh Bhattacharya, Prashant Pandey, Irfan Siddique; Roshan Abbas.The album offers 10 tracks,6 originals and 2 remix,1 sufi version and 1 unplugged of the title song(album as a whole looks good with so much variety).

The 1st song, the only composition by Aashish Rego and Shree D,Always kabhi kabhi(Bhavin Dhanak, Sanahmoidutty,Harmeet singh ,Apeksha) surprisingly doesnt leads upto the expectations being the title song of the movie,however its a type of a song which needs some hearings and time to grow.Harmeet Singh with his fantastic sufiana voice joins the vocals after about 2 and half minutes and I wonder why he has been given just few lines in the song(a mere 30 sec).The song ends brilliantly with Harmeet entering into rahat fateh ali khan zone.(wonder why Harmeet's name is not mentioned in the list of songs vocals).Harmeet singh saved the song big time.

The 2nd song onwards the album belongs to Pritam and does he disappoints ever,naaahhh,Antenna(benny dayal,roshan abbas,apeksha),a good fast pacy track with youthfull lyrics(the trend has been such after 4 baj gaye lekin party abhi baak hai).I tried real hard to identify Roshan Abbas voice in this song but I failed.The song is a perfect Pritam composition(however it reminds me of love mera hit hit soniye-Billu Barber) and will work well once the video is released.A good fun number which comes back in a Reloaded-Srk Mix where K.K and Anupam Amod replaces Benny dayal and Roshan Abbas,this version has nothing different to offer(apart from some extra drum beats and english vocals),the original one is better than the reloaded one.

The next track School ke din(Suhail kaul[voice behind 'baatein kuch ankahi si-Life in a metro'] and ishq bector) is a fantastic song which takes you back to the school days and it has Prashant Pandey written all over it(due to the lyrics),the lyrics are perfect,however the song has a heard before feeling but it works in favour of the song as it strikes at the first go.Brilliant compostion(the best is yet to come) and singing.

Then comes Better not mess with me(rock mix-sunidhi chauhan),its more of a situational feminine song,with few english vocals,I expected it to be high on english vocals but the case is completely different.An ordinary composition which has a club mix with Shefali Alvaris(voice behind ye dil hai nakhrewala-dil toh baccha hai ji).This one is far better than the rock mix.Wonder which one will be included in the movie.

Undi the condi(shaan and aditi singh sharma),yes,thats the name of the next track.The lyrics are not that good considering the unusual name of the song.A passable number which works in parts.

Then comes the best track of the album,Jane kyun(soul version-naresh iyer),its one soft number which is a must when Pritam is the music composer.No it has no similarity with the song Jiyen Kyun of Dum Maaro Dum.Naresh Iyer has sung it beautifully(voice behind Roobaru-Rang de Basanti) and the lyrics are well written.Its a song one would hear again and again.It has hit written all over it.Its a "WOW" compositon.
The song has a Sufi version with Shafqat Amanat Ali behind the mike.This song gets better and better with the number of times you hear it,both the versions are fantastic,however shafqat takes the song to new heights and his voice is simply amazing(similar to shankar mahadevan at points).Pritam provides another chartbuster.

The last track is a surprise,Always kabhi kabhi(unplugged-vinnie hutton and apeksha),it starts with english vocals.(Vinnie hutton has recently crooned the song 'Reaching for the Rainbow' in Love U Mr.Kalakaar).The song is similar to Reaching for the Rainbow in the starting but then Apeksha takes complete hold of the song and it gives a perfect end to the album.This version is better than the original title  number due to lounge feeling.Apeksha has been a surprise package in this song.Its a beautiful composition.

The album has ups and downs and has nothing new to offer,but being an SrK production,the promotions will be very aggressive(see how the song'antenna' is being promoted)which will make the songs popular.Jaane Kyun is the best of the lot which is still crooning in my mind.Go for it,its a decent hear.


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